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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Celtic Heroes

From the arrival to Heroes Landing
To the conquest of Carrowmore
Weak at times yet still standing
Is the hero forevermore

As I avoid being seen
By the enemies glare
I make my way down the
Catacomb stairs

Swing after swing,
deep breaths with clinched teeth
Increasing in strength
Yet growing weary and weak

As i venture through shalemont,
Battling the connacht soldiers
I hide to sharpen my blades
Under the connacht sculpture

I went to dunskeig sewers
So stinky and green
Rats, lizards zombies and smugglers
I gave them my swords sting

I limped down the stonevale paths
The wisps and boars seen me as prey
Running in full sprint
Trying to discover a stone of ley

I reached the world of other
So radiant, so full of color
Looks like a hippies heaven
But is only a Celtic wonder

Otherworld eyes, stared holes right through me
I shanked their iris'
And no longer was the enemy

Finally i had reached carrowmore
Though still much to conquer
The beasts here are fierce
From the biggest troll, to the smallest spider

As me and my guild, gathered to defeat mord, my bones shook with fear
Shielding against mords flaming breath,
Our victory was near

As mord fell, rumble went throughout the land
Dal Rita was saved
And victory was in our hands

As the sun goes down
The hero casts his shadow
Starring at the sunset
For what would happen
In the days to follow.

The true... Celtic Hero.

Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Excellent entries, Heroes!

We had a great time reading all your poetic entries, but after much discussion the winners have been crowned:

1st Place: Geebs

2nd Place: Voldemort

3rd Place: Nykerian

And we'd like to thank everyone for entering, and give a special mention to Chop for making the studio chuckle!
We do hope you had fun creating your poems!
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