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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Started at the beach a long time ago,
My armor and health was really low.
I tried many classes till i found the one,
Ranger didn't work but rogue was real fun.
I leveled real slow, not a good flow,
Bad armor, stats and weapon though.
Went through the quests,
No time for rest, had to grind to be the best.
Picked fettles by trees,
Connachts would kill me with ease.
I looked up to some, the clans Badabing and Serenity
They were so strong, thats who i want to be.
I had no patience to wait, no time to take,
I had to buy platinum for my own sake.
One hundred was gone, i made a mistake.
Hundreds of K, it was gone in a day.
Bought my equiptment, killed flying eyes in my way.
Joined a big clan, so kind, so strong,
Took a long break then came back, this was wrong.
Leaders have left, players have quit,
Arawn was a disaster for a quite bit.
I had fun with my clannies,
Leveled and geared.
But thanks to my clan, so sincere.

Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

The adventure begins here:

Welcome,Welcome to Celtic Heroes my friends
this is where the fun begins,from waking up on the beach to exploring the lands of lirs reach,
dreaming about the day when you also become a dragonlord too,equiped with a weapon in main hand also a offhand that is bland,all the clans want to invite all the people who can fight, in the arena they test their might all through the night,but before you can you must have a plan to defeat the wretched mordris,you must level through the day don't quit no way! Just keep on trying,
then get some gear that mordy will fear and you will be prepared,slay the dragon but don't be laggin!And the riches will be yours,But do not fear more are near updates updates for all!

Thanks for reading! :)

Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

La balade de Earlene

The OTM wanted it shorter
So my poem i slaughter
The long one took hours
Of grey cell powers
The short one here is its daughter

A 2 timin druid in stonevale,
Had his book took, that made him pale,
For breakin their harts
It got ripped in 2 parts
They planned revenge without fail

Earlene made potions of blue
For NRG and XP too
Leinas is plainer
Not put thru a strainer
Gives NRG in a red stew

The end
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Michael_XXX wrote:
ShadowDemon wrote:Once there was an ugly hero,
He was so ugly,
Everyone died.

The End

Plz make that second place :D

Lol its too simple for that...
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

You need to reade this like a rap
I think this is acceptable
Because rap means rhytm and poetry.

This is a story told by the brave and the bold.
Those who are really good have it to challenge the big guys.
Trying to get the gold for their Buys.
But if you fail they give you a giant swing back to the shore.
And then you are back at the place where you were before.
If youre trying to make youre name a fact.
Enter the arena maybe you will get a bit of respect.
But dont be that guy and kill the rest.
Their just trying to do their best.
And dont kill steal some people need the money.
But thats not a excuus honey.

I tried to be original by making a rap.
If i made some sentice mistakes.
I dont live in a country were we talk english sorry.

Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Remember to stay within 20 lines!
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Michael_XXX wrote:
Pathrider wrote:Pie.

Pi Pie

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Clan Prophecy (World Danu)
I'm taking a break from CH until the next questline is released. Possibly this next beta.

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