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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

nvr done poems bfore, but since im hoping otm will change the prize, here i go :P
a mothers tear, still stains the floor, for a child lost, long long ago
the child, kidnapped, was taken away. no, that day was not a good day. the child, set adrift in a boat, landed on a island, rather remote.
the child met people, others like him. he learnt of a journey that he was to begin.
he started by protecting the lands from feirce foes, making some friends, and working real close.
now, the lost child, once destined to be a farmer, stands with dragonlord wepons anad armour
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

The sword shimmering silver
A mage, ranger and druid are with her
Arrows darken the brightly blue sky
The shield holds long enough to keep her alive
Crookback spews an evil foul smell
Her sword rips through the demons of hell
As blood trickles down her ancient armor
She kneels and prays to be stronger
A fairy a witch and a wraith await
At the end of the tunnel holds her fate
She runs forward as fast as she can
And pulls out her fiery brand
Burning the demons and melting the pain
From her forgotten past and soul so grey
Her tears swell and sting her eyes
It's not from fear or the blood curdling cries
She thrusts her sword deep within the earth
Gathers her energy, like a newborn birth
She will fight and fight any way
For tomorrows adventure is another day

Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

aleksej2001 wrote:Dall riata has spoken,
the forces of evil threated the land,
to turn forests into the sand,
all cities they will smash,
to turn villages into the ash.

I arrived at lir's reach,
the enemy army was at the beach,
i knew i have to kill them all,
i arrived at castle that wasn't small.

I heard about the horrable curse,
i had to stop it theat was the worst,
after the search i found him,
Manus Blackstone i need to kill him,
he was fear and he was fright,
i stoped him using the light .

My victory wasn't lame,
now everybody hear my name.
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

ShadowDemon wrote:Once there was an ugly hero,
He was so ugly,
Everyone died.

The End

Plz make that second place :D
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

As i drift into shore
I feel kind of sore
All this rowing is making my arms a little poor
A mighty man stands at the beach
Waiting to greet me and assign me a quest
As i slay the dark-fell picts
I feel stronger, No longer sore
I realise this is my life
Finally i have acquired my offhand
A quiet expensive item
A golden blade of ice
Its really quiet nice
As the sun sets
In this lovely world
I wonder about what tomorrow can hold
Thats My Poem!
(Im no poet, but i really enjoyed writing this) ;)
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

I will never find the key,
I will never reach Gelebrons Tower,
So many things I shall not complete,
Yet I know to be a true Celtic Hero,
I must be true to myself,
Push myself harder,
Harder I push myself,
Fighting off the hordes of Blackstones, Kelpies, Golems, and Wraiths,
I've discovered this key of sorts,
It seems to open a door,
I have found a keyhole,
I now dance around in joy,
For I've reached Gelebrons Tower,
I am a true Celtic Hero.

Edit: I changed to what I like.

I know its not a winner. But hey I like it.
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Jonsa wrote:I never will win a duel,
I never will reach the last pvp rank,
So many things I shall not complete,
Yet I know to be a true Celtic Hero,
I must be true to myself,
Push myself harder,
Harder I push myself,
Whats this?
I've reached the last pvp rank,
I've won many duels,
Dal Riata now calls me,
Celtic Hero!
What will you achieve?

I know its not a winner, or even good. But heh.

Thinking about the last PvP rank bums me out :cry:
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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

Hi! (Note: Bold is for notes.) Here's my entry:
True Lord (20 verses)

Let me tell you the story of a man called Lordy,
He was a man of valiance and was named by lordly,
people... He never surrendered no matter what happened,
To him, he always continued even if it was a dragon,

like Mordris and Aggy... Or even Hrungnir the troll king,
But one day he faced a skeleton imbued by Qing,
power and that monster was Efnisien
Also known as Effy or Necro or Nosien

Just to tell ye, Qing power is awful, because,
Effy or Necro or Nosien could annihilate Lordy but the laws,
said that no-one is allowed to fight Effy and that includes Lordy
As he was nowhere near Efnisien's power which was very ugly..

But one day he said that Effy needs to be defeated so
he continued, "Let's destroy him!" He ran and ran, though
he never got there, but he finally did, and roared,
"I GOT TO EFNISIEN!!" But he got discovered,

And ran away, keeping the monster in his head,
And when he was forgotten, he came back and hit Effy dead.
He roared, "I DEFEATED EFNISIEN!!!" And the people above heard him,
"WOW DID HE DO THAT??! HURRAY!!" said them...!

Aggy: Aggragoth.
Efnisien: I have a grudge against this guy because Danu didnt kill as of what I heard last time :lol:
Nosien: This isnt an actual nickname for him, as I made it up. But really, his nose is funny and his name ends in "Sien".

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Re: Be Poetic! And win Platinum!

From the peacefull lands
A hero seeking adventure ,
Sailed to the doomed lands,
Feeling trouble he ventured
Into a beach, where a wounded
[warrior stands,
Brennan was his name and tall to this world
[ he came
But now, standing there looking at the hero,
Whom saw in his eyes a harvester of sorrow.
In this words he said: hero u shall rise,
These lands are doomed, shattered .
Seek and destroy the enemies,reap their eyes,
Reap their souls, make these lands freed.
And so the adventure begun,
The adventure took the hero deep
Into the named curse that befallen
Into the celtic lands, the cursed blade shall sweep.
The hero shall free the lands from the oppression of from
He shall fight fearsom monsters . He shall bleed mighty dragons.
Making an end to the dark gods

And only then , he shall rest in peace in the mythical
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