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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!


pretty chill drawing XD basically the person would stand on the flower it would glow a different color blah blah blah inspired by nature embrace :D :D :D yeaaahhh TY :)
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

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Hey, I see the topic is still open, don't know if that means you are still taking submissions or not, but here is mine!

These are the "Wings of the Valkyrie", stylized wings to give the user the look and feel of the Norse messengers of the gods. Unfortunately my drawing skills are sub-par, but these sketches should give you the rough idea.

Rather than being something that you sit on, these wings float just behind the shoulder blades, allowing flight without looking like you're on vacation or riding a bike. they would come with several different variations, such as a lightning one granting a magic damage attack, a fire one granting a fire attack, an ice one, etc.

Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

I just hope they make it so there's one per server, it's really not too late to do that :/ +1 this if you agree! Lol
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