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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

I have been thinking instead of mount Transforms player into a flying Wight-- celtic legends and myths

there would be:
wight talisman of nemain-- white and rarest
wight talisman of macha - black and second rarest
wight tealisman of badb - red common

Would transform player in to a flying wight-- that procs lifesteal 80-150 health speed from 60 to 95 percent
regen and mana regen and camo undead 60% and regular camo from 10 to 40 percent

The wight would also have a trail of Black bats following the back of the wight as it flys

Thank you
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Been a long time since I have picked up the pencil and sketched something out, but here is mine, since Halloween is approaching I went with the..Samhain Reaper...of course it has to shoot little skulls out at the target with bright glowing red eyes. :D
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

"Boar of Adruinnae"

Description-This boar was gifted to you by the goddess of the Ardennes forest Adruinnae. It improves your evasions and defence in battle through its swiftness. It grants the "huntress' boon" increasing attack speed damage and accuracy with bows and spears.
The saddle is engraved with the tree and moon the goddess symbolises allowing the rider to call apon the forest huntress to aid them in dire need.

80% speed with a 10 second 150% charge ability (cooldown 2 minutes)
+30% chance to evade any skill attack
Huntress boon increases attack speed damage and attack by 30% when using a bow or spear
Summon arduinnae- summons the goddess to kill any enemies under 6* within 10 metres and 20 levels of you. 1 week cooldown

There is only one of these rare mounts per server, it leaves its owner on death of the rider and can be earned by anyone on server

Background to the boar.
First off, im a pig (oink) so i thought it would be awesome to have a pig mount in ch. i also knew that boars had some importance to the celts. On looking it up, ot turned out that to the celts they were mostly food :( the nords were the bigger fans. However, i did stumble accross the goddess arduinna/ae/e who was the celtic goddess of the ardennes forest and moon. She was depicted as a huntress who rode a boar (not ate them) and i felt it would be appropriate to the game and history to make the most important pig to the celts into my chosen mount.
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

So I have decided to draw a mount, it should be unlike every other mount (I didn't go through all 34 pages of ideas players have made so I am sorry if it resembles any other). I call it the Leaf Sail Mount!
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

- im not an artist, bear with me. These are only meant to be concept sketches.
sorry about the handwriting as well.

my idea was not for a single mount, but for an entire line of staffs.
tried to makes the pics as best as possible to show that the first one is the general idea while the rest are details for the specific types erc.
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

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I decided to do a horse shape because it sounds like the horse mounts will be implemented into the game sometime soon.
This horse can either be in the staff shape (as it is in this picture), or it can be an actual horse.

Couldn't figure one out. Each time I came up with a name it was used by another game or something. :evil:

All black
Flaming eyes and mane
A look of a black fire (I know it looks like smoke but supposed to be a firey look) which can be animated
3 skulls on a rope/ribbon hanging there "flapping" in the wind caused by the speed of the horse

STATS: (from store/vendor) preferable over chest
I guess this would be like most other stats unless you increase the mount lvl req.
Assuming there will be a lvl req raise:
80 health and energy per tick (added in edit because nearly forgot it)
80% speed
Cold/fire/poison damage 150 (will be just one of these)
Crushing damage 75
Proc 10%
Ability to steal up to 1,000 health and 500 energy
Attack speed 3,000
Lvl req 120? (Lvl can be raised if it is viewed as overpowered)

Of course the price would be raised. That would be to the game makers approval.

STATS: (from chest)
100% speed
50% camo

Once the god crom crauch(? Not sure how this is spelt) found this horse and tamed it as his own, imbuing special power into the ____________ (insert name here)
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