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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Stonefang mount.

no need more much description but.

It hold to pockets for gear. And wepon holder so that when u ride not only it stores ur wepon visibly it also give it to you automatically when u get off the mount. Added some simple designs. It comes with protective head gear and leg protection.

Whilst mounted on this beast ur armour is increased . Speed is 90%.
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

rysnthedestroyer wrote:My file is too big i cant send it... This sucks

Use imessage and message YOURSELF the picture, save it to photos and imessage automatically compresses it to a small size, thats what i did with mine, glad i could help

Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

JxOxCampbell wrote:My design
I'm praying that this competition is based on creativity and not drawing skills but here is mine anyway.
I let my creative juices flow and created a database.

This majestic leaf was crafted for you by the faeries of the shrouded island. It is made from the rare gimgen tree and it glides upon the summer air under your command. It grants a speed boost of 5% and shoots a storm of leaves at your enemies.

Slot: main hand
Damage: 3 slash
Heat damage: 5
Weight: 5

Order of colour in shop
10%=Dark green

I actually really like that for fall!
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Legendary Fairy Wings,

Recovered from the Clan of dark fairy's, these wings Powered by an legendary otherworld crystal will make you travel 80% faster and granting you a 20% camouflage boost, while floating above the ground damaging your opponents with fiery fairy crystals!

Slot: Both hands

Slashing damage: 10
Heat damage: 50

Weight: 5

(Creative enough? :3) (Im adding file in the next reply)!

Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Flying Shaman Wolf

History of wolves in Celtic folklore

The Celts viewed the wolf not as evil forces but as revered creatures that were companions to the gods and goddesses. They believed the wolf ruled over the winter quarter of the year. In celtic shamanism, their goal was to take on the shape of a particular animal to gain knowledge or instructions for a particular need such as healing. The wolf would often be called upon for guidance and also for protection as well as knowledge. The wolf is regarded as one of the celtic animal allies. It was also regarded as cunning, intelligent and with the power to out-wit hunters. As such these animals teach us how to avoid dangers that would harm us. The wolf is a great teacher and guide and shows us the mysteries of nature as well as the mystery of death and re-birth.

The Design of Wolves in Game

The current state of game there are a lack of animals that are used as mounts. I think it would be unique to see different animals assigned to difference classes. From my research of wolves they would fit as a druid style mount that only druid's could summon to aid them in their journey.
The animal mounts for the different classes could include the following:
Bear for warriors representing strength and stamina
Lion for rogues representing stealthy hunters
Dragon for mages representing the power of the elements
Eagle or Hawk for rangers representing swiftness or clear-sightedness
Wolf for druids representing intelligent
Horses could be used for all classes.

I have drawn this picture for the class that I play.
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Well to start with I had no idea what to do so ended up with an armoured armadillo....

Then for some reason it turned into a dragon which followed the consistancy throughout the game

I liked the dragon as a mount and thought there could be a sea behind the wing for the person to sit on

I'm not an artist we you could probably tell haha! Hope you can see the idea

Slot: Main Hand
Damage: 150 pierce
Heat damage: 250
Weight: 100
Speed 150%

A rare one off dragon forged deep within the fires of the mordris cave, woven by the artful weapon master to escape the fiery depths of the pit
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Umm im very bad at drawings. :'(

Ok everyone here are the stats

-This is a roundground sperpent dragon
-It provide a lot of benefits such as camouflage and regenration over time

30% camo 20 per tick health and energy

The proc chance:Serpent poison fire wich do a huge amount of damage and a huge amount of DOT

(1500 damage 10% proc) (500 per tick poison damage) wich is unresisted :D

3000 speed of hit 125 magic damage 25 crushing damage using your novelty ability

This mount can only be found in Carrow tunnels,

On the warbeast eggs side

Once you have an egg, you got to go to curry's farm to go get three kind of chickens . :lol:


Thank you :D
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Carpentom / Biga

Please see past my terrible drawing - I haven't put pen to paper in years! :lol:


The Celts were thought to use the carpentom as a mode of transport, often depicted as riding into battle with one. They provided an easier mode of transport, and also made transport smoother if a free-hanging axel was left suspended by some rope from the platform.

My drawing is just the general concept - it can be spruced up however you'd like and have different types and designs for its price/rarity. Here are some examples of tiers I thought of:

Villager's Carpentom (shown in my poor attempt of a drawing)
Materials: Wood and wicker.
Damage: None. Horses are for transportation only.
Capacity: 1 person.
Extras: None. The ride is uncomfortable. 50% extra speed. Takes little damage for you.

Carpentom of Mystery
Materials: Wood and iron.
Damage: None. Nightmare horses (the ones from Lir's Reach) have a small proc chance and grant the skill below.
Capacity: Carpentoms often accommodated for two people, therefore max capacity is 2. All effects apply to the second passenger, however damage does not double.
Extras: Nightmare horses shroud the player(s) in a mysterious force that hides the player(s) from enemies and therefore have a 30% camo. 70% extra speed. Takes some damage for you.

Regal Carpentom of Fire
Materials: Golden & Quilted.
Damage: Dragons or good horses/another animal can pull this carpentom, which can deal damage regularly and also have a proc chance.
Capacity: Carpentoms often accommodated for two people, therefore max capacity is 2. All effects apply to the second passenger, however damage does not double.
Extras: Regenerates 50 health and energy per tick to anyone on it, as they are resting instead of using their legs! 100% extra speed. Takes significant damage for you.

When on these mounts, you cannot fight with your weapons. The only damage dealt is from the mount, if available.

If you can't be bothered for horses etc, just say "an unknown force pulls this carpentom" :P

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