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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

My first shot at a competition! Here goes!

Background and Lore

My mount is based off of a created known as an Anguiped, a creature with the head of a rooster and snakes for legs!
The most common one was known as Abraxas, who was surmounted by jupiter, the king of the gods as well as the god of the sky and lightning. Abraxas was also known as lao which was inscribed on many amulets throughout the gaulish celtic mythology.

Mount Stats

Anguiped Mount

This Gaulish Mount increases movement speed by 80%.
Slashing Damage : 3
Heat Damage : 10
Weight : 20
Attack Speed : 3500

Fabled Anguiped Mount

image.jpg (93.7 KiB) Viewed 1724 times

This Gaulish Mount increases movement speed by 85%, as well as grants 10 health and energy regeneration and 10% camoflauge.
Slashing Damage : 3
Heat Damage : 20
Weight : 20
Attack Speed : 3500

Royal Anguiped Mount

image.jpg (93.13 KiB) Viewed 1724 times

This Gaulish Mount increases movement speed by 90%, as well as grants 25 health and energy regen and 20% camoflauge
Slashing Damage : 5
Heat Damage : 30
Weight : 20
Attack speed : 3500

Mount of Abraxas

image.jpg (94.99 KiB) Viewed 1724 times

This Gaulish Mount inscribed with the term 'lao' radiates the aura of Jupiter, the god of lightning and the sky, and has the chance to use the skill Wrath of Lao, which strikes the target with lightning, stunning them for 5 seconds and dealing up to 3000 magic damage! This mount also grants 100% movement speed, 50 health and energy regeneration and 50% camoflauge.
Slashing Damage : 5
Heat Damage : 5
Weight : 20
Attack Speed : 3500
Proc Chance : 8%
Proc Damage : 3000

Last Words from Me

These Mounts would feature only the snake portion of the anguiped creature, as the head of the rooster does not pertain to mount! The format of the character pose would be that of the cloud mounts or the carpets.

* Side Note *
I would have posted a picture for the first mount, however the forum attactments only allow 3 pictures. The first mount was just white.

I enjoyed doing this competition a lot! Though my art skills are not that of Van Goh, i did do my best on this. Thanks OTM for the fun competition! I hope not only the OTM staff enjoy this, but the CH community as well! All of this mythology and lore is true and can be found throughout the internet. It was a fun little research projet that i had a great time doing! Thanks a ton!
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

So i read it needs to be celtic hero inspired, so i thought of one of the most iconic bosses in the game! aggragoth!
I tried to use some of the features seen on the actual dragon such as the horns, eyes, face, wings, and at the end of the skimmer is his tail ball.
Proc chance: 5%
Proc skill: Dragon fire (iconic skill from the dragon)

Edit note: my original picture i took directly FROM the paper couldn't be downsized past 688KiB so i sent it to myself and screenshotted, sorry for any visual inconvenience

EDIT 2: i added my second attempt at drawing the skimmer with my own character but i messed up on the legs, the detail of the second one is so much better i thought id just post it for keeps sake
image.jpg (116.7 KiB) Viewed 1717 times
Aggragoth Skimmer/Glider
image.jpg (154.08 KiB) Viewed 1721 times

Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

May I present.....

Gelebron's Kelpie
Many years ago, Gelebron discovered a small kelpie hiding behind a giant Otherworld mushroom. Gelebron decided to train & tame this kelpie, increasing movement speed by 85%, and due to many times of death, increases camoflauge by 20%.
Slot: Mainhand
Weight: 10
50 magic damage
50 slash damage
Attack Speed: 3,000
Increases Novelty Ability: +100
Required level: 100
Important Item
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

It does not have to be a staff, but it must be related to Celtic Heroes and must be your own work.

Any copyright breaching or using someone else's work will warrant a ban from this competition and possible further competitions too.

Please note, to be able to receive the gift for actually entering we won't accept full screenshots from in game as these will not be counted.

We request you to use imagination and experience in game to design! :)
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Just decided to post here

Light grey (couldnt color the picture or it would mess it up)

Ancient relic demonstaff
If it would be an 80/10 the eyes could be flaming

10 magic damage
5 piercing damage
3000 attack speed
Shoots magic bolts

Hope I did a good drawing that others will like :D
Thank you for reading my post!
Demon staff
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