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Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!



Why walk, when you can ride! It’s your time to design a new mount to charge into adventure!

You must take your inspirations from the Celtic world and draw the type of mount to inspire your group and strike fear into your enemies!

So what can you win?!

The Prize:

You could be the proud owner of:

1 of 3 exclusive Shaman’s Phoenix Gliders from the Shimmering Continent.

Forged in the embers of a phoenix rebirth by one of the great Shaman it is rumoured to be as powerful as one of the Mythical Phoenix Gliders that only the very lucky will find in the Phoenix Mystery Chest.

The special Shaman's Phoenix Gliders are so rare and powerful they are only available through this competition!


All heroes who enter the competition will receive a gift as a special thanks for taking part.

Winners have been announced, you can find the information on the website here along with more information:
Terms of Service, Policies and Procedures: http://celtic-heroes.com/support/

Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Im just gonna go ahead and give this a shot, mostly because I wanted to share this picture.
I have designed these beautiful pink wolf mounts with my amazing incompatible graphic requirements.
wolf.png (227.19 KiB) Viewed 14405 times

PM me and I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.

Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

My design
I'm praying that this competition is based on creativity and not drawing skills but here is mine anyway.
I let my creative juices flow and created a database.

This majestic leaf was crafted for you by the faeries of the shrouded island. It is made from the rare gimgen tree and it glides upon the summer air under your command. It grants a speed boost of 5% and shoots a storm of leaves at your enemies.

Slot: main hand
Damage: 3 slash
Heat damage: 5
Weight: 5

Order of colour in shop
10%=Dark green
I did my best :)
image.jpg (154.6 KiB) Viewed 14234 times
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