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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Curry30423 wrote:My story: once upon a time, there was a rogue named curry. He was is and will be awesome. THE END! Hope u liked it._.

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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Lord4042 wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:My story: once upon a time, there was a rogue named curry. He was is and will be awesome. THE END! Hope u liked it._.

Hands down

Changed it a bit cuz it had to do with ch.-.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Feeling of Accomplishment

"Son what do you want to do when you grow up?" My father once said to me when I was a young child. Honestly at that time I did not know. You see, my father was a great warrior who led his clan to defeat the mighty Aggragoth. Although, that was decades ago and a new threat has risen, Mordris. The other day I went up to my father and told him that one day I will defeat Mordris. He laughed in my face. This made me furious. From the age of 17, to the age of 35 I trained nonstop. At times it was tough and challenging, but I knew one day I would make history, just as my father did. I will be known as the great one who led the fight into defeating the mighty and majestic beast.
Finally everyone in my clan was ready. With my heart pumping with adrenaline, surrounded by fear, and the feeling of accomplishment swerving around in my head for the aftermath of the killing of this creature. With druids to the ready, we took out our first obstacle, the Priestess of Morrigan. Quickly after we went to the sentinels knowing the priestess would only be down for a short amount of time. Last but not least, we stood face to face with Mordris. I ran at it, sword in one hand, shield in the other, bashing and taunting as much as I could. The sound of its roar made everywhere in Carrowmore Tunnels shake, it was exhilarating, though it made it much more terrifying. The battle raged on and on, until he was nearly dead. You could see the fatigue on him, and that he could not take much more of this. Then all of a sudden he became stronger, faster, and smarter. Dodging and evading everything easily, he went on a rampage. We kept pushing on and on, using resurrection idols, one after the other, facing a deadly curse with each constant death. Until suddenly he stopped, dropped down, took his final breathe, and laid there on the dirt dead. The feeling was indescribable. I laid my sword and shield down, with sweat dripping from my forehead. Imagine that, Mordris, dead on the ground. Boy was it a site to see. It dropped some of the best items created. Once dividing the loot as equal as we could, I felt amazing because I had just reached my lifetime goal and I could not feel anymore prouder. I could not wait to get back home and rub it in my dads face. (436) Words
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The first fight!

I rose on a beach in the lands of dal Rita, dazed, i gazed up to see a injured man panting heavily in front. I rushed to his aid, and handed him something that would heal him. He thanked me gratefully, and sent me skipping towards the castle. 'Where am i?' I questioned myself as the castles looming doorway blurred into vision. 'Who am i?' I halted suddenly in front of Eustace,the castle guard, he stared solemnly at me, his face cold and stony. I gazed down at myself, my rusted dagger glued onto my palm, my wispy blonde pigtails falling into my eyes. 'i'm Erin...Erinbella10, great rogue of Lirs' I established. Feeling slightly better, i continued on my journey, Eustace's threatening glare still penetrating into me like a harsh knife. I entered the colossal castle, and learnt many useful (and useless!) skills. I also met lots of other friends and had a list of about 7... I went to go level for a time, and came out at level 26...a poor... Level 26... I collected garlands... Beautiful garlands... As Beltane came to season. I farmed a bit, but wasn't any good, and was as wasteful with my money as a messy baby, catapulting food everywhere.

The time came when i could finally gaze into the castles lux shop, i scampered eagerly to him, and stared at his offerings, my face hungry for off-hands. I returned with nothing though, just my dignity and a pocket of needed gold.

More time blew past, caught in the furious winds grasp, and soon i was finally ready to solo my first boss, i was a higher level and better equipped now too. Now it was time to slay the almighty avatar of donn... I cautiously ambled through the cobweb filled corridors of Dustwither catacombs, feeling like a prisoner mindlessly circling my cell. After some time I past a towering doorway, and started courageously scampering deeper into its devouring mouth. Suddenly, it snapped its jaw shut, leaving the room cloaked in a dim shadow. 'No turning back' I thought to myself as The avatars tall silhouette creeped into view. He peered at me, his slitted hazel eyes glimmering like chips of diamonds, and the pale scars framing his face reflecting significant strength. I lunged for him, and we began a sparring match of dodging heavy blows. He was getting weary now, his great age now beginning to show. I plunged my sharp dagger deep into his chest, wrenching at his intestines and making the tip dance with his gut. He gasped in terror, and shrivelled in agony, collapsing into a heap of tattered rags, before the gods tugged him below. All that was left was me, and my merciless dagger, slick with crimson blood. I sat in silence, no cheering, no dancing. Just soaking in my accomplishment. As this was just the first of many. Many. Many of the boss fights that await...

Thats my story :D 493 words including title...
And this epilogue at the bottom doesn't count, but i like and its just extra (read :P ). :?

I stand as still as a soldier waiting for battle in my frozen armour. My frozen armour has just recently been frozen, and radiates a power unlike no-other. I pant heavily my ragged breath writhing in the air like a squirming snake. I gaze around at my fellow clannies, all waiting patiently for the mighty dragon they call Aggragoth to awaken. I glare at the wyrms guarding his spot, my face an expressionless mask - Fear, is a weakness. I shuffle my weary feet, hoping he'll spawn soon, but my thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a burst of golden light in the dim cave. Fire floods the air, licking the edges of my boots, as I charge towards him. Battle has returned...

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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Lord4042 wrote:Based on a true story...well, a mix of my noob days...
The adventure to Crookback Hollow(around 300-400 words :/)
Once upon a time, I was a little mage, by the age of 15, after I learnt the basics of mage battle, I decided to step out of Farcrag castle, I thought i was ready to take on the world, but I was wrong...

I asked Eustace the scout about the places I can go to, and he kept talking about the compass, I ignored him and asked him again about the places I can go to, he told me that theres a village named Highshore village to the east...

As I went there, I found a small pack of wolves and I decided to hide near the bushes, somehow a brown rabbit saw me hiding and he was staring at me, I tried to scare him off, and the wolves saw me and they chased me, I hid near Broon the mage, and he called a huge storm of fire and wiped them all out! How amazing! He taught me a few things, including how to make a huge shield of energy, I thanked him then I saw a blacksmith, he didn't tell me his name, but instead he gave me some armor and weapons...

I stepped out Highshore and I found a weird creature, in the shape of a horse, a flaming dark horse, called Nightmare...
I ran away and he chased me into the village, then i remembered what Broon taught me, I used my energy shield spell and cloak of fire, then the Nightmare broke my shield with one hit, then out of nowhere, when I was near death, huge icicles fell from the sky, killing the Nightmare, I didn't know from where that came from, then I continued my journey to explore Lir's reach...

I saw a pack of orange looking wolves, they chased me, I ran as fast as I can, soon then I bumped into their leader...DoomClaw, he tried to eat me alive, then from no where, smoke came, blinding Doomclaw, luckily I was closing my eyes...then a rogue came in and in a blink of an eye, he chopped off Doomclaw's head.

I ran away because I thought he would kill me next, I was wrong...instead, he gave me a tome named...Firestorm!
I studied it under a tree for several hours, I tested it on wolves, and while I was sleeping, an arrow was on top of my head, I
Quickly woke up, it was...Flintblade Bandits!

They were a lot, then I used firestorm, I thought i killed them all, but from the ashes of the dead bandits, he came...Harry flint!
I tried using firebolt...he blocked it, I tried using energy shield, he pierced through it, suddenly, he ran to me, I had a little dagger, I stabbed him...my dagger got inside him, he swung his sword against me and I crouched then I took my dagger out of him and stabbed his face...

I decided to climb up the cliff, then I slipped, from nowhere, a huge skeleton hand picked me up...
I was scared and ran away, I saw someone, I wanted to talk to him, but he had pointy ears, a big nose and green skin, he took out an dagger and tried to stab me, then an arrow got in his stomach, and he died, I thanked the ranger that helped me, but she didn't tell me her name, I wanted to go into the cave nearby, but that ranger warned me, I stepped back, and returned to farcrag castle...

(Btw, the nightmare part...when I saw him i went to castle courtyard and I was saying: 'I SAW A NIGHTMARE!!' Lol...)
But when I reached crookback, i realized it was behind the castle -______-

587 words :P

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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Gods That Forge a Heroes Path

I want to clarify that I did do some research on the Deity's of the Celtic Mythology before add in it into my own story if you'd like I can source my information.

I chose to leave some gods out such as Rhiannon she is the goddess of fertility.

The point of my story was to highlight the main breaking points in the game and to enlighten the players of the true meaning behind the world you play on. Each world is a name of a Deity from Celtic Mythology.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Gods That Forge a Heroes Path

It was always my fate to be a tool for the gods. I am a Celtic Hero, ever since the sea god Lir sent my ship crashing into the rocks. I washed up on the beach disoriented and weak I climbed to my feet. Standing in front of me was Morrigan. She wanted me to serve the gods. I could hardly say no, she is the goddess of battle after all. The gods blessed me with favours giving me attributes to aid me on my journey. Not all the gods were easy to please. I accidentally killed a horse and Epona freaked out. She expected me to know that she was protector of horses. One thing is for sure I'll never hurt another horse! The time finally came to honor my duty to the gods and help the Wardens. Their quest was to defeat the bloodgroves and their master Falgren Bloodgrinder. With Falgren's death I was rewarded with the powerful warden armour and Sword of Shining Sun. Lugh was disappointed, he wanted me to use a spear. We call him Long Arm cause of his skill with a spear. More powerful enemy's began to rise and torment Dal Riata. I was given the opportunity to upgrade my Warden to Astral armour by defeating these beasts.

After a long waited grinding session I was approached by Arawn, High King of the Otherworld. He was seeking my aid to slay the fierce Aggragoth. There was only one problem, I was weak! So I focused on getting stronger. I defeated the toughest monsters to get Frozen Astral Armour so that i could withstand the fire that Aggragoth breaths. At last He fell to my blade.

My services were all but done, so I went to my simple life of fishing at Shalemont River. Danu had other plans in mind. She used the river to guide me to a hidden cave named after the mighty warrior, Fingal. I suppose she expected me to travel deep into the Corrowmore Tunnels and defeat the creatures that dwell there. Perhaps my destiny is to slay the legendary Mordris. To bad for her Belanius ordered me to enjoy Beltane. So I plan to have a few drinks atthe Tavern, set off some fireworks, and play my lute.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

There once was a hero that was all ways naging to a great hero so this great hero wanted to teach a lesson to this hero so he said mr. Hero have you gotten a golden cracker form the rats in tavern yet ? No said the hero the rats drop these so called golden crackers? and the great hero said yes so this hero went to farm rats looking for the so called golden cracker all day long dusk to dawn and the hero keep all other hero's a way from the rats well he was searching for the so called golden cracker saying they were all his and at the end this hero learned not to nag all the time thee end.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

It was morning, i was on a beach. The only thing I remembered was that our ship sunk… I can see a village and a large castle, and in front of me was a man. Brennan the Mighty was his name. he was very kind, and told me how to fight. I didn’t had a place to stay at night so Brennan took me to Highshore. A small village in the south. He brought me there. I talked to Gwen she was also very kind and she knew a hotel where I could stay. The next day I woke up and I thinked about my friends. That day I went to the castle! It was very big. The owner of the castle was Lord Maclir. I made allot new friends that day. The hotel in Highshore was full so I had to find a new place to stay. Gwen brought me to the tavern. Faolan Maclir gaved me some information about the tavern he was very nice. I stepped into the Tavern and I couldn’t believe my eyes! When I walked into my room Amlyn stood right in front of me! Amlyn Stormsword was a mate of mine. He was on the ship too. The next day we continued our journey. We walked around on the island. And there was a man he told us about Loch Dorcha, it was a plays full of pirates. Every pirate who didn’t have a ship anymore, went to Loch Dorcha. I thought by myself, maybe my mates are over there so Amlyn and I went as fast as possible to Loch Dorcha in Fingals Cave. There were allot creatures over there, but we went through. At Loch Dorcha we spoke to a men, Ervin was his name. I told him about my friends and luckily our captain and crew where here! But we had to come to them. We saw allot of other pirates one group called themselves Darksea pirates Our captain was in a Cave Ervin said so we looked in the caves. And there he was Captain Blackstorm, Amlyn and I were so happy. It took long but now we finally found our friends back!

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