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Re: Fan fiction Competition

    My fate and death were intertwined.
    Time seemed to slow as my gaze swept across the arena, desperation evident.
    My eyes locked with His sending a silent message. It was almost as if I could feel him take a ragged breath before he began to utter an enchantment, the light slowly fading from his eyes.
    The last words barely escaped his mouth before his body grew still, strewn upon the blood-soaked sands. Burning rage quickly coursed through my body, tinting my vision red. I barely noticed my wounds healing beneath my armor as the effect of His Nature’s Touch began to take place.
    Turbine Ignis! (Firestorm)” I could feel my energy deplete as molten rock started to rain around me, searing through the armor of my surrounding enemies, but in no way harming me. I smiled as Killian fell to his knees, paying no attention to the others around me who had also fallen. I tugged at the material around the gladiator’s neck until the medal was nestled within my hands, the face of it being embedded with a skull.
    I rose, adorned with the claimed medal.
    At last increasing my rank to Skilful Spellweaver.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

I was traveling with a crew when suddenly a stormy night came it was horrible the ship crashed I ended up on a beach I saw something weird some kind of an ogre he was about to kill me but a man showed up and kill him he said: are you okay? I told him yes then he gave me a wand I managed to use it.
then we complete a lot of missions he always helped me then we went to a volcano a magma creature showed up he was bigger than anything we fought we took a lot of time when suddenly the volcano was about to explode me and my friend were stuck he used his sword to set me free I tried to set him free but it was impossible he told me: don’t worry about me just get going. I didn’t want to see him suffer so I left and never saw him again.
after 6 months I was training then a heard a lot of screams I went out then the castle was under attack by a dragon I cast a spell that cover the castle and I fought the dragon I was out of energy the dragon blast me but I didn’t die the dragon missed me I looked behind me it was my friend he came back and helped me I was shocked I couldn’t believe it he gave me a potion then we killed the dragon and we were the new heroes of the castle after that the dragon woke up it transform to a wizard with a black coat he said: I will destroy this world. And he dispread.
Then all the villagers were scared I said: don’t worry we will stop him. And then the king came and said: take this it’s the best and most powerful items for a great mage like you defeat that evil wizard and come back to clam your prize.
We went to look for that wizard while we were walking I said: how did you escape from that volcano it was impossible. My friend said: a combined my sword with some magic and the sword turned into a shine crystal it was saw powerful more than any sword in the history I smashed the rocks and escape. I was happy he survived then we saw a cave we entered it we saw the wizard he was calling a giant dragon he saw as he ordered the dragon to kill us we used all the power to stop him it was impossible we were about to die my friend said: there’s nothing impossible there’s always a way. I told him to use his sword combined with my magic he agreed then the sword shined more than anything the sword flout to the dragon’s heart and killed him and the wizard too.
We went to the king he said: once again our world is safe again thanks to our heroes. And we were all happy.

Re: Fan fiction Competition

After floating helplessly for what seemed like an age, I was finally washed up on shore. My eyes stung from the unforgiving tides of sea water and I felt around the moist sand, looking for some help. I could hear some faint hissing in the distance, and as I looked up, I could see a drake-like creature poised above my body; looking down at me as if I were some sort of strange being.

All of a sudden, I could hear a whisper coming from behind me. My eyes flew open and I was met by Gaston, who presented me with a delicious-looking pie. 'What? Where?' I muttered. 'Calme Calme!' Gaston replied, in a French accent.'You are in la Taverne! Nothing to worry about!' He smiled faintly and turned to a man in rags standing behind him.'How are you feeling?' said Fingal. ' I am going to need you today, for Mordris will not rest. Pack your things, traveller. Today will be a day to remember.'

I took my armour and weapons, leaving Gaston looking helpless with his pie in his hands.

I made my way through the tunnels of Fingal's Cave, water dripping from the stalagmites and tumbling to the ground with a resounding splash, which echoed throughout the whole cave. 'Do not be afraid, for we have brought your whole clan here. Together, you are unstoppable...'
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

(A heroe's duty)

I landed alone and confused on a beach with a half intact drakkar and no others originaly twelve i think i cant remember much of the past. I found a backpack on the floor empty except for a bandage wrap with the name of Brennan then i heard a clash of métal against hard scale i ran towards the noise and threw myself, shield first, against a vile winged wyrm, thereafter a glowing sword was thrust into its neck.
"Thank you warrior, if had not been for you i would of joined my ancestors before my due time.
— You are Brennan i suppose?
— Indeed but how did you know?"
I reached into the backpack and took the bandages showed him his name then gave them to him.
"Thank you again but as for the backpack keep it, it is my gift of recognition for your aid. You should go to Lord Maclir in Farcrag Castle, as for me i shall seek council from the druids of belenus for my wounds. I will lead you to the crossroads there we will part."
I followed and helped Brennan along the way. Nearing twilight we arrived a signpost.
"Continue North you will arrive at Farcrag if you wish to buy better equipment or surplies the road to the East. May the gods be fair to you, farewell"

Re: Fan fiction Competition

Disappearance in Dunskeig

It was getting harder and harder to dismiss the tales floating up from Dunskeig Sewers. For the past year it has been known as the residing place of the evil abomination known as Hrungnir. The area where he resides was removed from all maps by decree of Lord Maclir. The few who knew where he resides where smart enough to stay away from the North-Eastern area of the sewers.

But, the disappearances began to add up. More and more adventurers were not returning from their foray into Dunskeig. Rumour had it that Hrungnir had escaped and was now in the North-West area of the sewers. This required investigation...

The Heroes of Avalon assembled a party to investigate the rumours. We traveled to the NW area of the sewers, previously an un- inhabited area. The familiar stench of Hrungnir and his hulks assaulted our senses. The rumours were true, he had moved. We crept up and spied upon him, from the looks of things this was not a move done willingly. Hrungnir, if possible, looked even worse then usual, gaping wounds could be seen on him and his retinue of hulks. Panic began to grab hold of me. What in the Gods Names could beat Hrungnir and force him to go into hiding?

We had, no needed, to investigate the North-Eeastern area of Dunskeig. We traveled there and the feeling of unease in the area was palpable, like a malevolent force sucking the soul out of you. We crept through the waterfall and it felt like thousands of dead cold maggots crawling over our skins and we saw them...

Scores of Risen Skeletons, past them four gigantic skeletal guards, then two robed Acolytes of Filth paying homage to... Efnisien the Necromancer. Absolute terror filled our souls, this is absolute evil before us! We must get back to Lord Maclir and inform him. A skeletal cry of alarm came up from the Necromancers minions, we had been discovered.

I heard his cry of "Swarm to me my minions!" From behind him came scores and scores of ghostly phantoms and all his minions assaulted us. We were not going to get a chance to alert Lord Maclir, we were going to be another disappearance in Dunskeig.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

It Began With a Flash of Light…

…and a young druid suddenly found herself washed upon the glimmering sands of a land she would soon come to know as Dal Riata. Warily she pushed herself to stand and took in the unfamiliar surroundings, spotting her skiff nearby, shattered; her salvation from the wicked storm had given its life to preserve hers. Her eyes swept across the beach, suddenly landing on a mysterious man in pale, gem-like armor emitting a soft glow visible even in the sunlight. As his stare fixed on her, she wondered momentarily if he was, in fact, a god who had pleaded with the ruler of the sea to dump her upon this beach, but for what reason?

She cursed herself for not trusting her gut (young as it was), about this voyage. The sky, the sea, all of nature was working to make a premonition, to tell her how horribly the whole endeavor may turn, yet she strolled on, attempting to be blissfully unaware of the impending danger, eventually pinning her unease on her inability to swim and squashing it beneath her boot. Suddenly, she found herself distracted by a glint of light at the corner of her vision and turned to be blinded by the silver fastenings on her chest of herbs as it was being manhandled by an oblivious crewman.

She desperately clutched at the railing, nearly choking the life out of it with her white-knuckled grasp, tightening her fingers around the smooth, slippery wood as the small ship once again bucked over the swells. She was drenched, shivering from panic and cold, teeth chattering, nearly shattering, behind her pale lips. Lightning continued to spit from the sky and slash at the sea, roaring with fury at deeds both divine and nefarious in nature that she could only dream of.
Suddenly, as if she had been dropped into a nightmare, wood began to crack and snap. What she swore to be a splinter flew past, leaving a bloody kiss in its wake, as the vessel continued to heave and shudder, but now not just from the tumultuous waves. There were shouts. There were screams. Then the rain turned to salt. Falling. Then something wrapped around her. She was flung, met wood, pulled herself up, searched the black water, then curled up, alone.

…and the wolf dropped to her feet, dead despite the still-snarling teeth slowly sinking back into its maw. She, too, dropped, stumbling and sinking to her knees. Her hand flew to her throat, making sure that it had not, in fact, been torn from her body before ripping her hand away as the memory struck her: lightning. The tingling sensation dancing across her fingertips told of it. Slowly, hesitantly lifting her hand before her face, she caught sight of the last dying sparks. Turning her now dead hand in the sunlight, she breathed to herself, “What is this?” only to be startled by a man in black.
“You mean you don’t know?”
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

No Bad Tree Bears Good Fruit

Aiden never had any friends. After chores, the towheaded, portly boy of seven would often venture out by himself to the secret places of Lir’s Reach that only he knew, while the other boys would play at being knights. At sunset, Aiden trudged through the fields behind Highshore Village, clambered up the grassy hill, and plopped down at the cliff’s edge overlooking the dazzling rainbow reflection of the setting sun on the tiny inlet. His favorite oak was at his back, supporting him as it had hundreds of times before. But something was different this time.

As the last sliver of light was slipping below the horizon, Aiden saw the shadows suddenly move. He felt cold emanating from the tree at his back, and as he turned a gigantic wooden claw grasped him around his midsection, hoisting him high into the branches. With wide and frightened eyes, in the twilight Aiden could discern a cragged, wooden face between the twigs and foliage. It spoke to him in a language that sounded like a breeze rustling leaves. As he looked into its jet black eyes, he could see its sadness; a sadness that he recognized as his own, for he too was alone.

The months ahead were the happiest of Aiden’s life. He bolted from his chores to be with his new friend, whom he heard from tales, was a Winterleaf Dryad; the last of his kind. Aiden called him “Frosty.” Summer days were spent high in Frosty’s branches, feasting on winter apples and the sweetest grapes, magically frozen on the vine. Aiden wasn’t the only one that was happy, for Frosty had been alone in hiding his entire life. Aiden knew he had found a true friend, who knew his pain, would always love him, and would never leave. This was Aiden’s greatest secret, and his greatest treasure.

Summer finally came to an end, and the bonfires of Beltane were being snuffed out, spitting their sooty smoke into a slate grey sky. The wind began to gust, and Aiden knew that rain was coming soon by the way Frosty’s leaves were turning over to drink in the oncoming downpour. Aiden swung down from the lowest branch, and upon hitting the ground, lost his footing in surprise. Gazing upward, the man before him seemed like a mountain. He was enormous, dressed in hammered grey steel, with features that seemed to be chiseled from stone. The warrior’s golden sword glowed dully under the billowing storm clouds.

Aiden spun out of the way as the warrior lunged forward, hacking and slashing at Frosty. When Aiden finally looked up, his friend lay on the ground, chopped to pieces. Tears welling in his eyes, Aiden cried “Why did you do this? He was my friend!”

With a disdainful look, the warrior replied “I am a Celtic hero, and you should not befriend a monster.” The warrior turned and strode off, leaving Aiden clutching the splinters of his only friend.

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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Thanks for all the great entries!

We really did struggle to pick winners from this so everyone who submitted an entry will receive 1x Super Wisdom Elixir.
However, after much deliberation, and taking into account the topic of a Heroes journey, the following are the winners of this Fanfiction competition.

Winners are as follows:
1st: Landarin
2nd: Gandalfthesec
3rd: FergusHeals

Honourable Mentions (winning 3x Super Combination Elixirs):

Special Mentions (Winning 2x Super Knowledge Elixirs):
ChopstickNinja (and Krill)

Everyone who entered will receive an email requesting Character & World for the prize.

If you'd like to speed up the process, please send the following via PM to me "Community":

-Your NAME (as entered in the competition)
- The WORLD details

------------------------------------------ Email Entries of Mention----------------------------------
"I am Zebrial the Defender, I have spent my life in the depths of the dark lord's prison fighting for my life against Crom himself, ensuring that he shall never escape. It is there where I have earned my spot of heroism among the dear people of Dal Riata. I faced horrors that have brought me to tears many a time my dear friend, horrors I wish to share only with whoever dares to listen. These horrors have strengthened me; they have made me the rogue I am today.

In my perils I faced thousands of ugly beasts, followers of darkness, and in my time have stood against hundreds of generals in the army of Crom. I once battled against Shuraret, the mightiest of Crom's followers. In the horrific skirmish I lost my legs, for the call of her mighty voice was powerful, knocking and raging everything around her, a wave of destruction. I had managed to cover my body with the shield I had forged there, out of the stones which labour pure darkness my friend. This was the only thing that could stop the strike of her blade and the cry of her voice from raging chaos into me. For the blade she wields is the most horrific thing I have ever seen. It radiates chaos so great; the mere sight alone of it can drain your soul. I did not win this battle... I barely escaped with my life.

However, now in my absence, these creatures have bound to grow in power, with no one watching them and a leader as strong and evil as Shuraret, they will have enraged to a size and strength that I fear no one can yet face. They are preparing for war against all of Dal Riata and the lands to the south; they are coming to conquer our world. We must stop them, and we must put an end to the darkness. I seek for only the mightiest heroes not only in strength, but in heart and mind, for the pains you face in Crom's layer will devour your body and corrupt your soul. Someone must enter the fortress, and destroy Shuraret before she can wage Crom's army through the portals to our world. I have grown weary in these past days. I fear that death will come to me not by the blade of darkness but by the swift blankets of time. I now search for someone, someone who is worthy both physically, and in mind and spirit. If you would wish to help me I cannot refuse, however I cannot promise you anything in return except for whatever you may find in your journeys, and the fame and glory of a true Celtic Hero. Will you take your position of bravery and fulfill the destiny written for you long ago? Crom needs to be stopped my friend and you, and only you can do it."

by Gandalfthesec
A Bright Future

Splash! Splash! I felt a huge thud against the object I was in. I tried lifting my heavy eyelids, to recover my senses. As my eyes opened, they stung to the brightness of the shining sunlight. I could hear waves splashing in the background, and the peaceful chirping of birds. I looked around me, and realised that I was lying flat in a massive, brown rowing boat. It was being pushed ashore by the heavy waves behind me.

When the boat finally washed onto the sandy beach, I hastily hopped out and puked onto the smooth sand, feeling extremely seasick. The disgusting, green mixture of my digested breakfast made me feel even more sick, but I held it in. I looked ahead into the distance, and saw a fallen warrior, clad in adamant armour, with a shining red and golden sword. I walked towards him, believing he would be able to give me information about this mysterious island I had washed on. He introduced himself as Brennan The Mighty, and retold the stories about the Curse of Lir's Reach and how it all lead back to the dangerous mastermind, Manus Blackstone. Rumours have spread across the land that Blackstone was hiding in the depths of Dustwither Catacombs, an area filled with undead, dreadful creatures. His final words had a real impact on me, "Every brave warrior that has ventured into the Catacombs has never been seen since. Are you willing to be Lir's Reach's new hero?" I was unsure, as I was extremely new to this land. But realisation hit me like a sledge hammer, that Lir's Reach would be my new home from now on.

With a bit of uncertainty, I accepted the quest for freedom. Brennan gave me a full set of red and silver dauntless armour, a tempered small sword and a buckler to start me off. With all these new armour and weapons, confidence and diligence surged through me. I said to myself, "I can do it! Believe!" As I walked on into the vast, mysterious land of Lir's Reach, Brennan whispered to me a final bit of advice, "Stay alert and safe out there. The people of Lir's Reach count on you. You can do it. Don't let them down." His words of encouragement really helped me.

As I walked through the lands of Lir's Reach, I spotted another brave lad, but he was a rogue! He had black and silver armour, with his menacingly fast dagger. I walked up to him, and started making a friendly conversation with him. As we got to know each other better, we both knew a friendly bond an formed between us. We decided that it would be best to work as a team to conquer the enemies of Lir's Reach, and finally Manus Blackstone. Enemies after enemies, quests after quests, Vigor and I walked off into the sunset, fulfilled with a successful day of work. It was time to take a rest at the tavern.

By FergusHeals
Several things were taken into account when choosing the winners including the journey told, the use of the 500 word limit and style, and as mentioned before, you all sent in such a great entries it was really a struggle.
We hope you enjoyed reading all the great stories as much as we did.
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