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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!


This Armor is inspired my my DPS druid, for those druids that need to endure a little damage. It has nods to celtic mythology and a shout to my clan, mixed with some practical in game features. Elemental would be in reference to the high well rounded resists and the plate armor would imply higher armor class, this armor is about protection not spell boosts.
Thank you so much!
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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!

Please one of you talented artists save us from the strange looking female dragonlord warrior gear and make it look as cute as the ranger dragonlord :|
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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!


Knowledge of the Oak
Support Druid armour

The word Druid when spelled phonetically can be split into 'dru' meaning oak and 'wid' meaning wisdom, to create the alternate name of Oak Knower, which is why most of this armour is made from the bark and leaves of the oak tree.

Staff: the staff grants the 'wicker man' ability (DOT). In celtic folklore, Druids sometimes sacrificed or executed people using this method by burning them, whilst in a wooden cage. The stone in the middle is Amber, which emits heat and light.
'Your opponent takes fire damage over 30 seconds'

Skirt: made of leaves from the oak tree, allowing the Druid to connect to nature

Top: made from the bark of the oak tree, boosts armour. wearing both this and the skirt together boosts nature ability.

Cape: made from dyed linen, with the arms being feathers from the wren (Irish word drui translates to wren).
This cape also gives the Druid slight camo protection whilst in combat

Headpiece and Belt: made of oak, with azurite set into it. Azurite is a powerful healing stone, and will also give energy regen

Necklace: feather of a wren, offers magical protection

Wrists and Boots: made from oak bark, boosts the Druids armour
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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!

This is my warrior concept design.
charcoal on paper.
The scan doesn't do it justice.
P.S. I don't know how to upload a picture of my art on this forum.
P.P.S. my work is copyright
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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!

ironwood wrote:file:///C:/Users/Dave/Pictures/soldier%20no1%20001.jpg
This is my warrior concept design.
charcoal on paper.
The scan doesn't do it justice.

I vote Dave for winner!
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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!

The Arclight Armor of Belenus

Backstory: When the unnamed darkness began to sweep across the land of Dal Riata, all fled in terror. The Gods of the people tried to stop it but their weapons would do harm and their armor could not withstand such a terrible thing. In the last moment of hope, Belenus, the God of Light, worked two days and two nights to create an armor designed to hold the darkness, break the darkness and push it back. Five heroes rushed forwards with their newly gifted armor, driving it back to the tower from which it came. The battle was won and the armor was shed, left and forgotten, needed no more. Dissolved in time, the armor is broken, scattered, unknown. But now the darkness has stirred again, its minions crawl from the tower. Soon it will come, and when it does, the Arclight Armor of Belenus must be found and forged once again if the new heroes are to stand any chance against this old, terrible enemy.


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