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Get Creative! Design an Armour set!


Competition running 20th May until 4th June 2014

Platinum -
Winner: 500 Platinum
2 Runners Up: 150 Platinum each

Prize pool may be adjusted depending on number of viable entries.

Competition Details:

Time to get creative again! It's your chance to win some free Platinum! Design a Celtic Heroes armour set - yes it's drawing time!
Taking inspiration from your own hero and the world of Celtic Heroes, what would you design? Grab your stationery and some colour, now's your chance to show us!

How to enter:

Due to the number of great entries, the rewards have been adjusted as follows:


500 Platinum: BlackM from Taranis

150 Platinum:Alyssandra, Candies, Jesse from Donn

Runners Up - each receiving 50 Platinum:

Swan, KittyGirl, Quetza, Brogue, MageK, Extrapro, Dinerii, Fr3gryf, Chelsey, Skenkee, Squid



Those winners who emailed their entries in will be emailed, those who entered via forum will be pm'd. If you'd like your reward faster please send across Character and world details via pm!

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks very much to all who entered, even the entries not mentioned were great and the team did have a hard time deciding. You've all got great talent and we were very impressed.

On a side note: We do have another competition coming soon so please stay tuned!
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Draw Armor Competition

See the image here - I merged it with the topic

tried on computer and on iphone but i cant upload my draw in the admin competition post (i havent the upload file possibility)so i will do it here.
Spear Ranger Dragonlord Upgrade:

I made also one,on the base of the ranger dragonlord armor.
Im a Spearman so i need more defence than a bowman thats why my character got an heavier armor with more protection and mails.

I added also a one hand spear from the 195 new end game boss (400 dmg,2950 speed and a proc skill)
I got a offhand gauntlet from shop with 300 dexterity.
Its Impossibleto fight with an axe in the right hand and an spear in the other hand so i removed the axe, you can create new offhand like traps,gauntlet...

I can personnalize my armor with an emblem (mine is a stag because its my family emblem, but you can also choose Wolf,lion,moon,sun,tree,eagle)
There is also a choice with your dl color, you can change it with Mark the tailor in white,black,yellow,blue,red for 500k.

I wear my clan flag on my spear (personalizable weapon) Chieftain can choose 2 colors for his flag. There is also my clan first color on my armor.

I hope to see my character with this armor and weapon a day.Why not? Design team can see my ideas in something of concret and add it with new engine
I know i havent Dave Allsop lvl but im not a professional as OTM designers.
I hope you will like it!
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