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Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind

“Gaibs Angels” - (Charlie’s Angels)
Arawn - General of Resurgence

Gaiboi - Full DG Druid level 221
Paphiopedilum - DL Lock Rogue level 190
Pleurothallis - Mage level 189
Masdevallia - Warrior level 189
Bulbophyllum - Rogue level 99

Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind


At home with the Dread family, winding down after a hard day’s bossing. Penny Dreadful, Dreadnought, MrsDredd, MrDredd, NurseDredd and JudgeDredd.

Toon entering: MrsDredd
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MrsDredd - 223 Rogue
Penny Dreadful - 220 Tank Warrior
NurseDredd - 220 Druid
DreadOnFire - 220 Fire Mage
Dreadshot - 220 Ranger
Dreadlocks - 190 Locker

Pegasus, Lugh
Celtic Heroes noob since September 2017

Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind


Unwinding with a little humour in my stand up comedy act... it didn’t go down well and was followed by the crowd pointing with a swift visit to the pillory

At least the towns tomato economy was booming
227 Dps Warrior
220 Rogue
220 Mage
220 Tank
212 Ranger
210 Druid
190 Locker Rogue

Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind

Leeching off the corrupted energies of the Otherworld makes me feel incredibly strong and refreshed, like a jolt of lightning surging through my body. I know I'm tainting my mind by doing this, but the sensation is too tempting, almost like a drug.


Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind

Showing off my sexy op wings to all the nubs of Epona. Not even Ventius’s wings can stand up to my sexy wings. I also sell for 12.5m

Zkills, Proud general of the beloved KodiakReavers of Belenus, the G.O.A.T clan

Professor/Detective Zkills, op mage of Epona, chieftain of KodiakReavers. Server banned for doing PvP in arena.

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