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Re: WINNERS! Fearsome Foe Contest!

Wolfenstien wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:
Tritor wrote:Foe: Alator the Exiled, Level: 220 (or 225). Designed for 35-45 players. Rage Timer: 20min

Alator the Exiled was once a highly respected god of war who fought alongside the heroes of Dal Riata against the forces of Crom. He slayed hundreds of thousands of Crom’s minions and believed himself worthy of taking on Crom by himself. Against the advice of his fellow gods and his heroic comrades, Alator ventured by himself into the palace within the Corrupted Gardens, the last place Crom was heard from. No one knows what happened to Alator within the palace walls but when he came out, he was beaten and became corrupted by Crom’s influence. After healing from his wounds, Alator became fixated on forbidden dark magic and slayed the heroes that served under him for their power. Upon discovering the horrors Alator had done, the gods and heroes of Dal Riata joined forces to slay Alator but were only able to put him into a deep slumber. It is said that until now Alator has remained slumbered, imprisoned by the gods within the very walls that had corrupted him and locked the gates of the Corrupted Gardens to prevent his evil from returning...until now. Brave, yet foolish, heroes have since entered the Corrupted Gardens and have stirred Alator’s slumber. Brave heroes will have to enter the palace of the Corrupted Gardens before Alator the Exiled becomes too powerful and break the bonds that keep him from destroying Dal Riata. Heroes have fought from dragons to wizards but are they ready to best a god?

Palace: The palace will be dungeon-like and players will have to fight their way as a group to get to Alator’s chambers. Once they arrive there, his chambers will be large (slightly bigger than the arena) and once the players enter the area and the fight begins, no other player may enter the area.

Adds: 4 Guardians of Alator, once tasked with the duty of fighting for Dal Riata, have been corrupted like their master. Each guardian will have a special aoe debuff as long as they are alive. 1) Armor Debuff 2) Defense Debuff 3) Damage to Alator Debuff 4) Haste Debuff. Will respawn every 3-5min

Damage type: As a god of war, Alator is equipped with many types of weapons that he will switch to at different health thresholds. For example at 100% health he will utilize a hammer, at 75% he will switch to a spear, at 50% a sword, 25% a dagger etc. This will create an interesting dynamic for druids and wards

Skills: Now it gets fun
Basic Skills:
Protector’s Shield: (Every 3min) Alator blocks all incoming physical damage for 5 seconds. Cannot be interrupted. (This puts more emphasis on dps Mage and Druids)

Raining Arrows: A volley of fiery arrows hits all around Alator dealing initial damage and fire dot damage. Initial Damage is increased the lower Alator's health goes down

Unique Aoe Damage Skill: Since Alator switches weapons at different health thresholds, he will deal crush pierce and slash aoe damage accordingly with unique effects: Alator pummels his hammer to the ground, stunning all near him for 3seconds (warriors and rogues), Alator throws a volley of spears at the cowards that dare try and fight him from afar (hits rangers mages and druids), Alator charges up his sword and instant kills a single target (the tank), Alator uses his dagger and greatly increases his damage speed for 5 seconds.

Special Skills:
Fury of Alator: At every 20% Health Threshold, Alator will send back ALL damage back to the damage dealer for 3 seconds. From Physical melees to Firebolts, it will be sent back to the caster and Alator will be invulnerable for this time.

Corrupted Army: at 10% health Alator will possess a random group and they will fight for him (will basically be meleeing everyone else. Just use the code for regular mobs). They must be killed before continuing the fight with Alator. Lock group is immune to this skill

Just thought I'd create a boss that's not hard as long as you're organized and introduce a few mechanics that I thought could be fun with the different health thresholds offering different strategies to beat Alator rather than just potting and idolling through the same fight over and over lol. Below is an image I found with what I'd imagine Alator to look like, maybe with red instead of blue on his eyes and armor and various weapons on his back (as he is a war god)


Tritor on Belenus

Why does the art and boss sound so familiar to one in aqworlds

It is not cause I have no idea what that is :lol:
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Re: WINNERS! Fearsome Foe Contest!

Tadaaah wrote:First off, all these entries are freaking baller! It was really hard to choose. So I narrowed it down to about 10 finalists and sent it over to design who then chose winners! We'll post the entries as comments in this thread!

Galboi of Arawn (Toxicodendron)
Stoneblitz of Rhiannon (Sluagh)

Runner-up X3:
Solarburst of Taranis (Corrupted Garden Rossalin)
Naturesfrost of Belenus (Spectral Reaper)
Tritor of Belenus (Alator the Exalted)

We'll be contacting you shortly!

Alator the Exiled* :mrgreen: but grats to all the winners! Must've been real tough :lol:
Tritor- 220 DPS Warrior
Daemond- 170+ Fire Mage


Re: WINNERS! Fearsome Foe Contest!

Wow thanks so very much!! First contest I have ever submitted for.... Never would have thought mine would even make it into the running let alone a winner. Much much appreciated. So excited to see what ends up being implemented!!

Cheers! :o :D
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