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Fan Art February! - Win Exclusive Prizes!


Heroes it's Fan Art February!

A special month when we gather Dal Riatas finest artists to Farcrag Castle to showcase their work to Lord MacLir.

From February the 9th - 27th we want to see your best Celtic Heroes inspired art! Whether it be a drawing of Farcrag to your latest Celtic fashion and weapon ideas, all have a chance to win!

These particular prizes are only available via this competition.



2x Top Winners pick one of the following:
Teal Enchanted Faewynd Fashion Set
Teal Mystical Wintermyst Fashion Set
Teal Flawless Charm (Royal, Keeper, Chronicler and Treasury)

3x Runner Ups pick one of the following:
Teal Faewynd Fashion Set
Teal Wintermyst Fashion Set
Teal Charm (Royal, Keeper, Chronicler and Treasury)


Send in your entry:

Post it on our forums by replying to this thread, include CHARACTER NAME (not username) AND WORLD
Or send to us email competitions@onethumbmobile.com and include the following:
Character Name

Deadline 27th February 2017 - Winners will be announced within 2 weeks of competition end date.

Good Luck Heroes!


Inappropriate entries will be removed
At the discretion of the team and entry number dependant the prize pool may be expanded
In the event of duplicates, the first of the duplicates will be the accepted entry.
No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
Entries must be sent via email OR posted on the forums
ONE entry per user
General Terms and Conditions apply
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Re: Fan Art February! - Win Exclusive Prizes!

penvro gillilan wrote:this is unfair i cant draw:(

ikr... if only stick figures were acceptable :lol:
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