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new world

hey i am looking for a new world to join. Just would like to know, the prices fr basic things. How active the arena is and anything else that might be useful. Thx
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Re: new world

Chests 35k-40k
Exps 4k-5k
Combos 10k
Hastes 3k-4k
Hp/energy’s 1k
Idk about anything else

Arena is complete unfathomable here
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Re: new world

On Taranis,

Chests are 25-40k
Exp 3-4k
Combo 9-10k
Hastes 4-5k

Dl/Edl is really cheap here if you are interested.... since our endgame clan has a rolling system atm you can buy a lot of boss drops and see them on auction for relativly cheap. (I dont agree with rolls)

Arena activity probably peaks at about 12 GMT

Id recommend you join Tara, we've got tons to do
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Re: new world

Hello. I am on Our server. I am trying to sell up. I have a main on Arawn. So will stick to Arawn server. On Our I have a mage that has around 3m worth of items. Good for someone who wants to re- set up. Let me know if you're interested

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