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Donn to Belenus transfer

Looking to Xfer from Donn to Belenus the following is what I want to transfer

4 mil gold
840 exp elix
55 heroic exp elix
Varying amounts of other lixes

Lvl 35 heroic ammy
Lvl 50 grimoire
Lvl 50 focus crown
Lvl 50 Regen Braces (Hp and Energy)
Lvl 100 focus of the seer
Lvl 100 focus crown
Boots of haste (30%)
Darkflame boots :o --Awesome ikr

I already have a middleman to make the transaction a safer.

If interested post your ig or contact Zniper or Glowie in game

Re: Donn to Belenus transfer

I hope u can find, I didnt see anyone xferring to Donn lately, most of Bele xfers are moving to Mabon for some reason, but if u get to Belenus then welcome. U can contact me for any help.
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