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Clan Elementals

Just thought I’d go through the depths of the forums and find the forum post for each raid boss Elementals downed for the first time. This took a fairly long time to do but I say it was worth it going back and seeing the history of this clan. Here’s each raid boss in order! (Left out Prot base cause Prime is the true raid)

Aggragoth Aug 22, 2012

Hrungir Aug 16, 2013

Mordris Jan 19, 2014

Efnisien the Necromancer July 25, 2014

Proteus Prime Dec 21, 2015

Gelebron Aug 27, 2016

Bloodthorn the Ravenous June 30, 2018

Gj Elementals on our 4th BT kill!
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Re: Clan Elementals

I like that. Glad to be Elem, I definitely miss the days where Elem was 4th-6th on list of clans that killed the end game raid, while on gele we were one of the last servers. So to bring BT down sixth I think is just amazing again.
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Re: Clan Elementals

Just learning about Elementals and it’s past/present is always interesting to me! I can’t wait to be apart of Elem and play with all of you and work as a clan with each of you to down more future bosses, and the current ones ofc :)
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