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History of Arawn

Presenting the History of Arawn! This work was posted on celticheroes.info, and you should check them out since they have cool stuff. (Pls don’t murder me for posting on here)

But anyways, this is the history of Arawn split into 7 parts starting from 2011 and then into 2017. An epic story of drama and adventure, the history of this server is truly an interesting one. (You could make a movie from this stuff 8-) )

Link to the story: https://www.celticheroes.info/2015/02/h ... n.html?m=1

* I have absolutely no contribution to this work and all writings belong to celticheroes.info

Re: History of Arawn

Yah a little bit of the 2016-2017 parts arent fully correct
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Re: History of Arawn

The history of Arawn is impressive no doubt and it's been amazing being part of it and just like history in real life sometimes things are miss out, deleted or fulse depending on who is writing it. I'd like to point out during the blaze/res days i think around chapter 5? It states I took a necro bow from another clanmate which was untrue. It was won during a bid after necro was downed after being placed back into the bank. The rest is true, we did what we did when competing, both sides struck blows. I understand why it's put this way as I think the history was wrote by a highly regarded res member at the time. Those days were interesting though, we did place members into res as they did us. Calm on the surface but a lot of wet work going on behind the scenes. Anyway, I must admit, they were the good ol days aye! Seems quiet now

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