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Re: @DS, Can we work this out, please?

Funny how Res keeps saying I was kicked. Not like I have a screenshot of me leaving... After I left they kicked my alts, but the decision to be out of Res was made solely made by me.

But not surprised that Bob will start lying in a fake attempt to “cool tensions”..Res seems very willing to do that...by offering us “non negotiable” terms..

Re: @DS, Can we work this out, please?

Agent K wrote:By making more public posts like this you only expose yourself for more drama, one person could reply something that's way off the topics purpose and others just keep going at it, whatever DS is, work it out on a 3rd party app where thr circle is small and could be controlled, open wide to the world is not a way to fix problems, you only fuel the fire this way


Re: @DS, Can we work this out, please?

All this reading...

Just sad really.
‘I worked for this’ ‘i did this and that’... Everyone works hard for the clan, hard work is relative, pain is relative, sleepless days because we have to attend endgame is relative.. someone may claim they have worked harder than anyone else may not know half of the others are doing. Comments made about gears being geared to leaders with 0 dkp, there were clansman in res who had the best ranger gears and arguably the best ranger in the game, and yes you got those gears through your hard work and as a clansman. One who had amazing druid gears, top ranked druid in arawn and you were also a clansman. We’ve got DG sets completed on our clansmen.

I have worked closely with this person who is now in DS, because we were both in the same country, outsiders perhaps because the clan is heavily US based. I know first hand how hard you worked for Res, and i do not deny this. I call myself your friend even though you think We’ve grown apart.. but really, its a clan. We all do our part to contribute. Game is supposed to be for fun..

Another note:
Never been fond of this one particular clan in arawn and I never hated anyone or anything in game as it is a waste of time. And as i have mentioned before, i was not resurgence born and bred.... When i was still part of the UAC (united Arawn clans), we worked with this particular clan and decided we would work together so that we could equal Resurgence in power. UAC was made up of lancers (my original clan), dragonsouls, Vanguards, maelstrom and ascension. All leaders were very close and respected each other’s decisions. DS were the first one to call out on this alliance with this particular clan And realised the unfair collaborations and drop distribution. And soon all ties were cut, stating that it was UAC’s fault in the first place that we could’nt even do anything right at mordy, that we used longshot and bolas wrong (was a long as list and all were OUR fault).. since then Ds hated this particular clan because they would restart bosses DS locked, would drag adds to DS when ds locked a king 6.. i was close with DS chief, she confided in me as i did to her. I am not anymore as I was unfriended, without a word to me about it. Hearing that DS is considering (not saying they will or are) to work with this clan again, just makes me sad.

Braves will play with respect and leave Dragon Souls alone in any way shape or form. We will be civil and show sportsmanship. I have seen Ds help braves with killing a boss and It is much appreciated! Time to end bad blood and the drama everyone (all servers) seems to enjoy and is fixated on.

Thank you.
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