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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

Not interested in arguing this. I made my points and your words have been repeated so many times now. Anyone who wants proof can pm me. I have ss.
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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

LivingArawn wrote:Not interested in arguing this. I made my points and your words have been repeated so many times now. Anyone who wants proof can pm me. I have ss.

Snapshots of what? Trash talk I have those too y'all say plenty of crap u don't hear us crying like babies.. again get over yourself..

Oh wait I'll come out and say the one about me.. I made fun of pixie yes I did I'll admit that.. someone pm me he dresses like a little girl in his profile pic and I poked some fun at him.. I actually apologized to him later on I was joking around and was outta line.. he accepted my apology or so I thought.. then a couple weeks later mrs. Shakin who came to res from ds told me pixie was saying all this nasty crap about me to shakin after she moved to res.. again more fake bull crap.. I talk smack yeah and if I get outta line I man up about it.. u guys talk $hit behind people's backs like the fake phony cowards u are.. what's wrong to scared to talk to people's faces? I got plenty of screenshots from your clannies talking trash too only difference is I don't cry about it on forums or to otm like a little cry baby.. "go cry mama"

Re: If you are considering Arawn...

+1 Bigdiesel

I haven’t seen the bashing, so maybe that’s in the past. I’ve seen Resurgence and feeder clan Braves treat DragonSouls kind and polite. I can guarantee you that isn’t being allowed. If you have current ss with a recent date stamp on them, please pm to me in Celtic Heroes Friends chat and I will have them addressed. Resurgence and Braves are currently a fun place to be. We do games, competitions, voice chats, and laugh a lot. We wouldn’t have the numbers we do if it wasn’t. I can’t change the past, but if you have ss recent as in this year, please send me them. Thx
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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

I am the richest guy in Res and I have been in Arawn for 7 years. It is an awesome place. And Res is the best endgame clan if u r committed and serious Celtic hero. So if u want a fulfilling game play and u r a serious player, there is no better place than Arawn and the best clan is Res and we always welcome serious matured players who are committed to endgame boss killing and working as a team.

Oh and not to mention the leaders in Res are awesome people who always have the clan’s interest at heart.

Re: If you are considering Arawn...

See living arawn the flaw in your claims that I poached members from your clan by trash talking you to them is flawed.. if I did such a thing none of them would have joined or would have had a single amount of respect for me and rightfully so I might add.. what I did was offer them what u can't, a chance to play the game with a large group of like minded players who want the biggest and best things in this game.. it's got nothing to do with putting you down rather then propping my clan up on a pedestal.. see when people play this game they wanna kill the necros, mordris, gelebrons, proteus type bosses and be the best they can be.. while at the same time enjoying a lively clan chat and family type environment we do have here in my clan.. so no I didn't poach your members by lying to them or bribing them.. I recruited them with a oppurtunity to play for the best.. and well with the new update coming out who wants to kill aggy or a occasional hrung? Been killing those things since 12' I'm sure it's a tad boring.. wanna do better start looking in the mirror and stop pointing fingers maybe then you and whoever is left in your clan will start to step up in the world of arawn.. I never forced u to make the moves u made those were all on you.. now your just reaping what's you've sown.. u guys were doing much better before u decided to take in so much trash.. well when you sleep in trash don't blame me for u ending up smelling like $hit.. ;)

Re: If you are considering Arawn...

The only thing that is stressful in Res is u need to clock a minimum number of dl /ed camping to qualify for bidding high tier endgame drops. This is to make sure we continue to get drops to gear our new members. People like me don’t need any more gears but I still help because I owe it to Res that I have among the best drops in the game. It is all about teamwork.

It is your choice. U want the best from the game, u need to join the best clan. On arawn, Res is the best clan that can get u the best endgame drops if u are a team player and committed to serious gaming, No other clan even come close.

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