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Resurgence recruitment

Hello arawnians,

I'm posting here excited and elated with the upcoming beta for corrupted gardens approaching! So I'm making this post to invite anyone to pm me about joining resurgence in dominating this new area for arawn and help us achieve our goals of downing any and all challenges otm puts in front of us not only as a clan but as a server. Let's take this opportunity to remake the magic we had being the first clan/server to take out gelebron!

Many new challenges and new bosses await come be a part of our family and join in the fun of tackling this area with us and enjoying the entire aspect of this awesome game from start to finish.

Atm we are plenty strong to already achieve our goals with all current bosses in game up to gelebron never staying up for long periods, and we even alternate raid times to include opportunities for players in all time zones across the world to have a shot and getting some awesome gears!

So having said that I truly wish to offer my hand out in a inviting fashion to all who wish to join us and our family in this fantastic upcoming endeavor.. obviously we cannot take anyone with a rep of scamming, and/or undesirable behaviors. But if u have kept your nose clean on arawn and that's 98% of the server I don't deny anyone a chance or opportunity at greatness I never have and never will..

This offer stands for people on other servers as well need help transferring I know the most trusted person on all servers and will personally guarantee any and all transfers from this individual!

Not of level yet don't worry also our awesome feeder clan braves will be more then happy to take u in so u can work on leveling and lower level quest armor on your way to greatness in resurgence!

*disclaimer* - im posting this as a tool for others who want to improve in this game and join our home, this thread was created solely for that purpose.. please keep negative opinions/derailments out of this thread, as we have not done so in other threads so show a bit of respect.. if someone does post a negative unneeded comment I ask for any moderators to please remove and such negative/false statements and use disciplinary actions against any said parties..

Ty for reading and hope to hear from u soon sincerely,

Bigdiesel379 chieftain of resurgence! :)
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Re: Resurgence recruitment

Muldar wrote:

Could you actually lock the thread though :o would be nice if these recruitment posters could stay drama free. really isn't a need for replies to these sorts of threads.
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Re: Resurgence recruitment

Hey BigDiesel, so........there's a guy I know, and he's like lvl 200 ish, and he's in braves, and he wants to be in Resurgence. I understand that Resurgence has like a month and a half requirement in Braves before they go to Resurgence (and lvl 150 req I think). But...he's a really great guy and very helpful. He helped me and my clan out a bit and is really nice and always willing to help (unless he's bossing XD) So...his name is Evolution (something like that), and I know I'm not even in Resurgence, but I'd just like to reccomend that you invite him in and skip the waiting period in Braves because I think he will help Resurgence out a lot, and he's a great player.
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