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Re: Regarding Recent Forum Complaints Against Resurgence...

bob the mage wrote:Hey everyone :-)
I am taking some time to address some topics posted that have framed problems or complaints about Resurgence or its feeder clan, Braves.
As a disclaimer: replying to this thread with a rant, will not solve your problems, if you want a viable solution that carries over in game you will need to pm a leader, I can assist with Braves related matters, but for the best affect PM either LoneHawk or BigDiesel379.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get into addressing some of the complaints.

First off, Resurgence and its members are not perfect... No one is, pretending we don't make mistakes would be hypocritical and pointless, as such don't hold us to an impossible standard... Allow us the same leniency on making mistakes that you would want for us to grant you and your clan.

Complaint One: Issra
Issra wrote:This has to stop!

I can speak for DS but I assume the other clans have faced this issue with "Your" clan too.

"This is a group of people who don't want to be liked or care about being liked by the rest of the server, they don't play to make friends" what are you saying?!
Let people play how they want to play. Stop the criticism. Just because they arent as powerful as your "clan" doenst allow you to judge them in any negative way. They took off with some items who cares, I heard many stories that their ppl ran off to your clan too. Please provide balanced arguments.

"Res has tried to have a positive relationship", I have been ksed left to right, that clan ladies and gentleman has wasted 200$ of my hard earned money. Before this so called terms were there I've been insulted multiple times. Whilst waiting for a boss, whilst lixing! I have contacted support about this and not even they are helping me when I AM HARRASSED IN GAME. I can speak for all clans on this server when I say that Resurgence is made up of Bullies. Whenever I bring this to their leaders they blow it off. All your new members think that they are the 'cool' guys because that clan kills all the high bosses but let me tell you, y'all are bullies. Everyday we get confronted by this! Everyday the same insults when is this going to stop??

"Arawn is a poor case", what are you even talking about. All YOU do here on forum is to promote how good your clan is doing. Arawn is not about 1 clan its about the whole server. When are you going to go out of your box and see what around you. You have no right whatsoever to talk about any clan but your own. YOU dont know what it is to be harrassed all day long.

"Arawn has 0 griefing" this was introduced not long ago, but before that whoah you guys loved it. I heard most of that clan is waiting to continue that.

Now to all the people that tell me to block them, they keep harrassing their 'enemies' until they quit playing and create lvl 1 toons to bother you. OUT of game they find you and they tell us we have no life! Let me tell you they harrassed even their own members and thats the reason why they leave.

SUPPORT WHEN ARE YOU HELPING US?!!! I have sent countless of emails and ingame messages.

Sorry for my frustration but it had to get out but all forum has become is the race to who has killed the most Gelebron. Where is the unity?! Small clans are fully being negelcted.

You seem to be making confusing claims. Resurgence and DragonSouls entered into an arrangement a few months ago, Res would help DS kill bosses and such and in return Res wanted nothing really... We had one tiny condition which was basically that if DS invites anyone res kicked we would no longer help. I mean why would we help those we kicked at bosses? Doesn't make sense right? After DS recruited 2 members we kicked they terminated the agreement and that was that...

Because of the agreement we had I am 100% confused as to why this is the first time your complaints are being brought up. If you can speak for DS I would hope you are a member of DS, otherwise that is a flat out lie that you can speak for them, and under that why did you never go to Liv with your problems with res? If someone is violating the rules that res sets up we can't do anything about it if we don't know about it... Keeping these things in until now doesn't help and just allows whatever the problem is to continue... If you want to tell me more about whatever happened please send me or LoneHawk or BigDiesel379 a pm so we can work to rectify whatever happened. Making a forum post like you did on the general discussion subforum is a way to start drama, not a way to fix issues.

It's because of agreements like the one we made with DS that Res is a bad case for the OP of that thread you commented on. Res has an antigriefing policy (once again, if you expierenced anything contrary to this send a pm to myself or LoneHawk or BigDiesel379). Furthemore, res formed an agreement that helped only DS, a smaller competitive clan, and gave no benefit to Res excpet we got to help others out. How are we some sadistic sabatoging evil dominant clan if we form agreements just to help others with no reward to ourselves?

I'm sorry but judging from your post it seems you haven't played on arawn in a long time... Everything you have said is just a flat out lie under current and recent pretenses and circumstances. idk when the past time you played on arawn was but Res has had these policies in place for years, so my question remains, why is this the first time you have told anyone?

Resurgence doesn't want to stunt other clans from growing. Of course we want to lock all the bosses that we need to gear our clansmen, but asside from engaging in lock fights Resurgence has no ill will to stopping other clans from getting their gear. If you outlock us you outlocked us, the boss is yours, if you wipe we retry to lock. But we won't grief you or try and cause you to wipe and lose the lock.

Complaint 2 - Jaegar
Jaegar wrote:From Units and Colors in Arawn to Aeq in Balor, Celtic heroes seems to get its fair share of negativity. Of course this is normal for a game, but ive just recently come back from a break just to see even more drama. Clearly this will never stop, but OTM refuses to adress the issue publicly, and if they wont i will. I think its time we start doing something about these monopoly clans and scammers. Celtic heroes isnt even fun anymore. The only thriving server is Epona, and the rest are either dead or in some type of drama. Stop. I am making this post because I dont know a permanant solution to the problem but maybe one of you do. Please reply. Thank you

Reply 1, posted this as a reply to the OP here
bob the mage wrote:Only replying to this thread because you are indirectly trashing my clan and server....
Unit and Colours receive negativity from the rest of the server for some pretty good reason. The clan's membership is 95% ex-resurgence members who were kicked for a variety of reasons from scamming, gear selling, harassment, etc... the other 5% minus 2 members that I can name off the top of my head are individuals black listed either for scamming, harassment, the spam sending of unsolicited hello kitty. And those 2 I brought up, both quit long ago... but I include them because they bear the clan name and are good people. This is a group of people who don't want to be liked or care about being liked by the rest of the server, they don't play to make friends, they play to gear themselves (which is fine) at the cost of anyone else (not fine). Res has tried to have a positive relationship with their leaders but being blown off once by their leaders isn't the way to get liked... We went for a friendly handshake and greeting and they slammed the door, that's that.

Don't bring up a clan/server that you obviously don't understand... Arawn is a poor case for an evil dominant clan structure like your OP suggests. Up until this past week Res even helped lower clans kill bosses, but after that lower clan this week trash talked us for not tanking and killing a snorri for them (they only had 4 people online...) and broke the arrangement where they wouldn't poach res members we went back to just not helping them, but even then we do nothing to hamper them. Arawn is a perfect example of healthy competition amongst clans, unit/colours is an exception but they are rarely active anymore ( go figure, clans that exist soley on hateing everyone else don't last all that long), and every server has a scammer hang out cllan...

Not every server with a main "dominant" clan has a bad "dominant" clan... Arawn has 0 griefing and we don't hamper other clans from starting up. We exist and have open recruitment so long as you are not an a-hole, and of course we try and recruit new players, but we don't do anything to prevent lower clans from succeeding other than try to lock bosses that we still need drops from. We don't camp bosses we don't need nor do we purposefully try to outlock them just to outlock them.

This is the true case. I was in Unit/Colours previous clan (same members just different name) Bada Bing... I quit the game for over a year because I couldn't take their negativity anymore, their outlook on the game and others. The "leader" was always paranoid that others were trying to hack into her account and that everyone else who played the game just wanted to prevent her from getting geared (100% crazy...), on top of that she spammed others who she felt were out to get her with hello kitty (disgusting). But since she did all of this over 3rd party software nothing could be done about it in game. She claims she was spammed first but when asked for proof she can't provide it, yet there is plenty of evidence that she was the first aggressor...
I don't say what I say lightly, everything I posted with regards to them is from my experience as one of them. There is a reason the only res who go to unit/colours (except 2, one of which left because we wouldn't gear his alts as a main... the other left and has since gone inactive) were kicked from res, yet we have had 10 or so come from unit/colours to res...

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