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Re: Looking for a Clan (Level 38)

bob the mage wrote:
PlainElegaic wrote:Hi all! Just recently got active on the Arawn server (Was previously on the Danu server, but activity there is quite low) and so wondering whether there are any clans I could join. I sport a hybrid warrior with more strength than vitality (and a little bit of dex and int) but willing to change stats to do tanking if necessary (that is, if I join a clan and am requested to).

Is level 38 too low? I am assuming that most servers for Celtic Heroes have a lot of endgame players so maybe I do need to level up a bit more.

Looking forward to responses, as I have been playing pretty much solo for that last month (since I started Celtic Heroes).

And hopefully I am posting a legitimate question and won't get bashed :)

Welcome to Arawn!!!!!
I am a member of Resurgence (main end game clan on arawn) and a leader/advisor in Braves.

In my forum signature is a link to the application to join Braves and Resurgence. Typically we ask applicants to reach level 80 before applying but in the case of world xfers sometimes this is waived as they tend to level faster and have general knol she of the game.

If you have any specific questions I would love to answer them, feel free to contact me on the forums, on any of the band groups I'm in, or in game, my toons are:
Bobthemage 226 mage
Phenomenon 215 warrior
Apoptosis 222 rogue
Bobsassistant 142 druid
Postmortem 141 ranger
Sarcasm 105 lock rogue, currently inactive

Other names to look out for:
Lonehawk - Chief of Braves
BigDiesel379 - Chief of Resurgence
SlyShadows - #1 nub of arawn
Ventius (betus on forums) - ranger god

Feel free to ask any other member of Resurgence or Braves if you have any questions or need help with anything, they will be more than happy to assist in whatever ways they can.

If you need any starter quests or items feel free to mail my banks and I can see what I have :)
-) historian - skill tomes, quest pages
-) negotiator - rings braces
-) armistice - event gear (only have rly nubby stuff but .-. )
-) diplomat - quest items (like frags etc)

Welcome to Arawn!

Thnx for the welcome! Hmmm I don't think I count technically as a world xfer because I haven't learnt about Shalemont Ravine enough. Anyway I will consider applying once I am there! Thanks.
Warrior (second character): Steamed Bun (level 38 Arawn)
Rogue (third character): Deceptionation (level 17 Arawn)
Warrior (first character): Steamed Bun (lvl 32 Danu

Re: Looking for a Clan (Level 38)

And guys I really didn't want to start a forum war about which clans are better. Hai...if the moderators want to delete this they can since I already have the information I am looking for. Thnx again to all for the welcome and advice! Cheers!
Warrior (second character): Steamed Bun (level 38 Arawn)
Rogue (third character): Deceptionation (level 17 Arawn)
Warrior (first character): Steamed Bun (lvl 32 Danu

Re: Looking for a Clan (Level 38)

I'd just recommend Braves/Res if you want a fast paced game-play to reach endgame and do prot/mord/hrung/gele/necro often. Slow paced game-play is cool as well but might get passed up by level partners, Rogue frozen is also a challenge if you ever restart on a rogue. Braves does all bosses from King-Frozen (except Glashyton), Res does all bosses of Sreng, Troll, Dobby and up+.

I'd also recommend DS for fast or slow paced game-play, i know many of the DS members and they are great people and don't tolerate bad people in clan. They do all bosses up to I believe Onyx, maybe Skath.

Colours/Unit is a very un-popular clan according to Resurgence and DragonSouls, and anyone not in it. They are mostly comprised of people who dual or triple logging their toons and is most often the place where Res/DS scammers go because that is only place they are welcome after they scam either clan. (Maybe a little biased but presume many will agree) Unit does all bosses including mord/hrung, the wild clan has been sighted near the frozen bosses but we are never sure of their true habits.
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Acrimony - 190 Lock Rogue

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Hai Swee, Hai Bob, Hai Surya, Hai Eury! (Great people I met on Gwydion)

Re: Looking for a Clan (Level 38)

I have messaged the op, but for anyone else reading this thread...Thanks sly, bob, and assorted Res for suggesting DS alongside Res. If you want to focus on e.g. bossing and progressing to the highest level of the game I would suggest Res, as it is the best choice on Arawn for those with such motivations. DS is more laid back and honestly happy to skip bosses sometimes to go play hide and go seek, or something else. We do our best in terms of bosses, but that really is not our focus as a clan.
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