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Re: Xfer Herne to Arawn

Rranger52 wrote:Looking to xfer about 1.2m gold from Herne to Arawn, ty.

Welcome back to arawn rranger!
Look forward to seeing you around in game :-)
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Feel free to pm me about anything or talk to me in game :D
boymclir wrote:Bob The God

Shadae wrote:This Bob guy is a guide? Legitimately?

Pineapple does NOT belong on Pizza

Re: Xfer Herne to Arawn

Bigdiesel wrote:Nothing to do with him being comp I just asked a honest and truthful question.. why the truth hurts that bad?

You know he's not going to say yes even if it was true. The only reason you'd ask that on the forums is to stir up drama
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Re: Xfer Herne to Arawn

Bigdiesel wrote:Why not? Telling lie isn't good ppl should never lie it's immoral

Let's talk about that time your story kept changing while we were talking in castle a few min ago.
You also used your dg as a defence, not sure where that came from.

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