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Re: In memory of the players in 2011

Bitey wrote:I've archived some names from the past on my history of arawn post http://www.celticheroes.info/2015/02/history-of-arawn.html

2011 Catacombs Update
Wolf, Bronn, Raven/Nightingale, Xellaya/Xell, Kooks, Gereldar, Drizzt, Ana, Wizard/Krypto, Rawr, Spartikis, Iv, Drizzt, Cooper, Frank, Asclepius, Gysr, Etive, Zumuclyst, Loopworm, HassanJomaa, Bandit, SirWinston

2011-2012 Stonevale Update
Bronn/Bubbles, Kooks, Nightingale/Raven, Xell, Ana, Teaweasel, Krypto/Wizard, Ericc, Savaged1982, Crippler, Obfionn, Rafiki, Drizzt, DoctorOzz, Cooper, Tomo, Father/Iv, Vinci, SirWinston, Silvos, LoneW0lf/PrincessEVE, Redaki/Omicron, Jackos, Sanchez, sandlander, Kingowing, Gereldar, Frank, Xeon, Tathan, Zumuclyst

2012 Meteoric Update
Bronn/Bubbles, Nightingale/Raven, Teaweasel, Krypto/Wizard, Speedwerks, Oyrae, Smellyunder, KrazyKatz, Ericc, Savaged1982, Crippler, CJbeast, JCbeast, Model, NukeGurl, Obfionn, Rafiki, Ubs, Drizzt, Apoca, JoennyPotter, DoctorOzz, Cooper, Tomo, Father/Iv, Vinci, Hitgirl, SirWinston, Silvos, LoneW0lf/PrincessEVE, Jackos, Sanchez, sandlander, Kingowing, Frank, Xeon, Zumuclyst, Silvos

Oh gosh reading this list has me feeling mildly depressed with a mix of nastolgia, how sad, I hope all of these individuals are doing well in life.
Server: Arawn
Player: Phyzem:216Rogue
Player: Krypto:187-Rogue
Clan: Unit

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