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Sellin and Buyin


- White pirate top
- Spooky blue hunter pants
- 90/40/30 cascade wings
- snow effect blue santa hat
- full white ard
- full green rodair (4/5 effect)
- ensorcelled white skull mask
- 500 hp and energy lixes.
- effect black and white ostara wigs
- 100/50 grovehawk
- Maybe some more stuff.


- Green frostguard
- green lanrik pants and gloves
- orange white and green masks

IG name: Dark Times
Server: Arawn
Clan: Resurgence
Toon: Dark Times
Lvl 202 rogue

Re: Sellin and Buyin

Oh a selling thread :0
Selling level 190 caster perceptor ammy
220 focus, 140 vit, 1000 energy, 100 e regen per tic, 800 dmg e shield

u can pm or mail me on any toons but i check my mage the most
or you can band or mox me
mox: apoptosisch@gmail.com
-this email not used for anything, prank me all u want i'll never notice. :D
Gwydion - Voted Top Noob of Relentless
BobsYourUncle 226 Fire Mage

Stubborn 220 Warrior (Tank)

Feel free to pm me about anything or talk to me in game :D
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