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Re: Unit Kills 210 6 ( The End of Smelly??)

Bigdiesel wrote:When is your proteus, Necro, gelebron, or mordris attempt coming up? Well Mordris attempt with out three other clans helping and a few who come to help from other servers while their clan was last to kill proteus on all iOS servers :/ ... When will the all mighty and powerful super clan unit be attempting these things? With such masterful stratagies I'm sure they will be a walk in the park :) ohh yeah Necro will take more then 4 people with 5 devices each to kill good luck :)

We get it we get it, you use your strat of spamming plat on all endgame bosses, Goodjob.
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Re: Unit Kills 210 6 ( The End of Smelly??)

Elrond wrote:
langmuir wrote:
Elrond wrote:What strategy?? I don't count throwing countless rouges and dps Warriors and wasting gigantic amounts of plat a strategy, we kill in a completely different and smarter way then you and your brute force do

Strange that for such a clean kill with so little plat used that Matrikor has curse of the fallen even while using a health lix. Maybe that was part of your smarter strategy. :roll:

I knoooow you're not trying to pick at us for ONE toon having curse of the fallen, and that was after he left the tank group at the very end of boss fight to join dps group for max money, up until that point, he didn't die at all the whole boss :)

You made the grandiose claim of a superior strategy and a clean kill. The evidence you have provided is inconsistent with that claim no matter how you explain it away. I will leave it to the reader to judge the veracity of your claim.
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Re: Unit Kills 210 6 ( The End of Smelly??)

Bigdiesel wrote:
kianmage wrote:
Bigdiesel wrote:Grats on the kill and well done. One thing tho how is it cleaner kill when res kills in 15-20 min and u kill in over a hour?

It was just 40 mins (3 dps mages) and it was clean

Never said it wasn't clean lol but just making point how can be so much cleaner kill when we kill so much faster. I was sincere in saying grats just pointing out we don't have hard time killing as the op suggested... In fact for us it's very easy kill after all unit watched us kill to get the stratagy down.. So to imply we have hard time killing is a bit insulting especially when (if u say 40 min) we kill twice as fast.

A cleaner kill as in a kill with less deaths and less plat spent.

The kill time you mentioned would be a lovely kill time, if it were actually consistent. However, recent 210e 6 spawns are usually left up for hours and are killed only when you manage to have enough semi-willing participants online to kill in what seems to be a 25 (sometimes 40+) min zerg, with mages and the tank being the only people to not suffer much.

I would hardly call such an implication insulting, especially as you comment that WE watch YOU for a strategy. I find that quite insulting since one of the few things I thought we had in common is the ability to come up with a common sense strategy, since nothing in this game has ever been too complicated. Anyone who watches only does so to get an accurate kill time, as we assume the members of Res do when they watch us kill anything. That is, those members who are not busy attempting to tamper or harass us.

Re: Unit Kills 210 6 ( The End of Smelly??)

Bigdiesel wrote:Hmm fill this out it and send it in to the complaint office

LOL :lol:
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