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Unit Kills 210 6 ( The End of Smelly??)

In a moment of extreme cockiness, smellyunder once told me that if unit ever killed 210 6 he would quit the game, we laughed and joked about it at the time, never even trying to kill the 210 6, but we tried today, and I can say without a doubt that it was much cleaner than any Resurgence kill ( Aggragoth150 is in unit for those who are confused )
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Re: Unit Kills 210 6 ( The End of Smelly??)

kianmage wrote:
Bigdiesel wrote:Grats on the kill and well done. One thing tho how is it cleaner kill when res kills in 15-20 min and u kill in over a hour?

It was just 40 mins (3 dps mages) and it was clean

Never said it wasn't clean lol but just making point how can be so much cleaner kill when we kill so much faster. I was sincere in saying grats just pointing out we don't have hard time killing as the op suggested... In fact for us it's very easy kill after all unit watched us kill to get the stratagy down.. So to imply we have hard time killing is a bit insulting especially when (if u say 40 min) we kill twice as fast.

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