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Re: Frank is selling 2011-2012 event gear including Darkflam

So Goodies I wanted to complement you on the site, its a great resource and exactly what I was looking for when I started again, last week.

As for The History of Arawn, It was a great read. Best parts were about Frank and Gareldar. How long did that take you to put together, it looks like a fair amount of research went into it.

To get you caught up on what's been going on while you were away, read this: http://www.celticheroes.info/2015/02/hi ... arawn.html Caution.. it's long!
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Re: Frank is selling 2011-2012 event gear including Darkflam

Legolas15 wrote:
Bitey wrote:If you sell it, I can guarantee you will never get one again. I don't even know who has one at this point. I haven't seen a set in over a year.

As far as I know serenity bank still has one, but who knows if anyone active still has that info... Maybe kingo knows more

Yes that bank has a lot... Lol

Think kingo and maybe sirwinston have the details... And xell
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