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Frank is selling stuff

I am back and I need to gear up, and not really looking for collectibles in trade.
Also if you feel my prices are high, sorry but i really don't want to get rid of any of this stuff.

Updated Prices and Product 1-19-2016

message me in game or here.
Darkflame Boots - 600k
Darkflame Gauntlet - 600k
Connacht Magus Robe - 3m
Connacht Magus Skirt - 1m
Connacht Magus Shoes - 500k
Sunflower Wand - 100k
Wand of Hallows - 250k
Wand of Winter Kings - 250K
Greater Solstice Greaves - 75K
Greater Solstice Gauntlets - 50K
Radiant Earthstone blackthorn Necklace - Heat/Magic Damage 50 - Physical Attack/Spell Attack Evasion 100 lvl - req 100 - 250k
Veteran's Purple Mask - 150K

Red Part Hat 2012 - 300K
Pink Armoured Imp Charm - 80K
Pink Sacred Auroral Boots - 5k
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Re: Frank is selling 2011-2012 event gear including Darkflam

Frank the tank! welcome back!

That's a nice list of items you have there. I have pretty much all that stuff too, minus the darkflame armour. Darkflame is super rare now. There was a time when people were able to hack plat through NativeX, and they used all the gold to buy up all the rare items on the server. Then OTM locked the accounts for hacking plat. So all those rare items are locked up in unplayable characters now. So my point is, darkflame is more rare than ever now. Glad to see you back, and a set in circulation on the server!

To get you caught up on what's been going on while you were away, read this: http://www.celticheroes.info/2015/02/history-of-arawn.html Caution.. it's long!

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Re: Frank is selling 2011-2012 event gear including Darkflam

joshuaedwardk wrote:Hows it going Goodies, you were not joking about being long. I will have to read it during my lunch break, I forgot how much drama there was early on.

yes there was :lol: I wasn't there for a lot of the early drama, and the rest of the early days I was a noob still figuring out the game and not paying attention to drama. I had to interview people to get the info together (Bubbles, Krypto, Drizzt, Iv, Raven) and I'm glad I did because most of the old players aren't playing anymore. It's a whole new crowd on Arawn these days :)

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