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Quest -
Moon Frags - 500g
Sun Frags - 500g
Oak Frags - 1k
Elm Frags - 3k
Dragon Frags - 10k

Rems - no black
Earth Rems - 1k
Rock Rems - 1k
Metal Rems - 3k
Star Rems - 5k
Space Rems - 8k (15k meele classes)

Mage Items -
Lure of Magic (1k)
+3 Energy Boost (3k)
+3 Ice Attu (3k)
+4 Energy Well (4k)
+4 Freeze (4k)

Rogue Items -
Smoke Bomb (2k)
+3 Quick Strike (3k)
+3 Assassinate (3k)
+3 Poison Weapon (3k)
+3 Rend (3k)

Ranger Items -
Conceal (1k)
Double Shot (1k)
Sharpen Weapons (1k)
Longshot (1k)
+75 Archer (1k)
+3 Steady Aim (3k)
+3 Barbed Shot (3k)
+3 Camoflauge (3k)
+3 Defensive Spikes (3k)
+3 Double Shot (3k)
+100 Archery (3k)
+4 Barbed Shot (4k)
+4 Defensive Spikes (4k)

Druid Items -
Sanctuary (1k)
Energy Harvest (1k)
Rescue (1k)
Ward of Fire (1k)
+3 Howling Wind (3k)
+3 Ward of Assassins (3k)
+3 Energy Harvest (3k)
+4 Energy Harvest (4k)
+4 Ward of Assassins (4k)
+4 Ward of Fire (4k)
+5 Rescue (5k)

Warrior Items -
Warcry (1k)
Shatter (1k)
Shield Wall (1k)
Defensive Formation (1k)
+3 Shield Wall (3k)
+3 Defensive Formations (3k)
+3 Shatter (3k)
+100 Swords (1k)
+4 Shield Wall (4k)
+5 Shield Wall (

Phionex Crests :
Blazing Red (offer)

Charms : all offers
Tor Caith Faerie
Amber Tor Caith Faerie
Azure Tor Caith Faerie
Quickthorn Guardian
Autumleaf Dryad
Bogan Scholar
Morcas Dryad
Boggan Royal Guard
Boggan Ravager
Carrowmore Forbolg Warrior
Skur Firbolg Rowman
Skeleton Servant

Lixes - Bulk is cheaper
Hero Wisdom - 750g
Hero Defence - 1k
Hero Armour - 1k
Hero Attack - 1k

Lux -
Ring of Spirits - 50k
Anni Ammy - 375k
Braclet of Essence - 150k
Icecrystal Band of the Magus - 700k
Revanant Braclet of Revitalisation - 65k
Revant Ring of Energisation - 18k
Revant Ring of Regeneration - 18k

Others -
Ancient Warbow (15k)
Black-Throuted Sparrow (offer)
80 str/focus Braclet (offer)
30 dex/vit braclet (5k)
30 str/dex (5k)
110 Str Aggy Trident (offer)
Connacht Pathfinder Gloves (offer)
Connacht Magus Gloves (offer)
Mighty Silverweb Helm of the Firespinner (offer)
Hooded Crow (offer)
2014 Harps - 2k ea (no rarest)
Pink and Red Firestorm Rods (1k)
Green Firestorm Rod (4k)
Frosty Warhorn (2k)
Lesser Battleskewer (1k)
Royal Reaper (offer)
Faerie Pike of Snow (offer)

Free -
+15 dex/focus/vit braclet (for lvls 80-90)
+15 str/dex/focus braclet (lvls 80-90)
+15 dex/focus/vit braclet (lvls 80-90)
+10 str/dex/focus (lvls 70-80)
+10 str/dex/vit (lvls 70-80)
+10 str/vit (lvls 140-150)
Blue Book Bindings (for those who need)
Blue Book Cover (for those who need)
+3 Cold bracelet

Ign - Aranox
Post or PM items you want with ign. Thanks!
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