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Re: Xfer from rosmerta

aqww123 wrote:From my pov arawn seems to be inactive and theres little competition here and u might not like the top clan so i advise trying anothee server like rhia

How do you define an inactive world? Res got 72 completed edl sets, bada tho small clan but almost all got full dl with mh oh including alts, all dl and edl bosses die on spawn, hrung aggy dies on spawn, mordy necro dies within 12 hrs of spawn.
So, how do you define an inactive and an inactive world?
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Re: Xfer from rosmerta

benbrook wrote:Looking to transfer gear for gear or gear for gold.

In rosmerta you could have:

Reaper ring
Divine broom
Radiant bp and legs
Camo charm
Full lugh mask set
Avalanche sled
Tons of lixes
500k gold
Comrak rings charms necks
Diamond ranger armor
Master drake horn bow
Several other master weapons
Purple candy cane
Tons of other gear there for the swap

Let me know if interested

It's harder to transfer items from rose to here than a one legged guy winning a butt kicking competition.

Welcome to Arawn mr Ben :)
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