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WTF update! Arawn is becoming.. Well...

Idk bout ewryone else, but I think 10-20% of the ppl in arawn/Celtic heroes have quit game. For the reason of the update not coming! It's also made MANY(maybe including me to) ppl to become very rude, selfish, and boss-hungry!

Most of the ppl in arawn afk, time bosses, ks(hate hearing bout this but it's true), hack, or beg. It's becoming the next hell. I ll be lvling amd decide, "hey les go check out falgren" I go there, ppl r there. "hey when he spawn?" I either get no reply(selfish) or 45 mins! Why the hell are u there then? This is with all red bosses/sv bosses.

It's becoming insane! Can someone remind me what this app is? Ohh a GAME! so why are we playing 24/7, and killing our RL to play so much and time everything.

Back in the good days, bosses could be up for 15-30 mins b4 any1 notices. Can we all be a lil less selfish and work together? Instead of having one player afk at fal, and only accept clan member group requests? Let's play this game for real! 75-85% of Arawn r being ridiculous selfish ----- u know what's.. Wanna play normal and have fun maybe?
Server: Arawn
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Otm sucks... Its pay to win type of game... Money goddesses!!

Re: WTF update! Arawn is becoming.. Well...

Just read this and I agree with the writer. WHEN IS THE UPDATE COMING?!?!?!?!
I now like playing legendeary wars, monster wars, pocket legends and star legends. Why hasn't it come yet! Can't the admin see that he has created a hell that is worse than the otherworld!?!!!!!?!!
From a very angry Tathan

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