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New record for necro kill

Today the marriage between blaze and resurgence yielded its biggest benefit in less than a week wih the merged clan killing necro in a record time of 11 min and 50 sec. The turnout of 60 was also a record and many among those were killing necro the first time. It was great joy that we extended the end game experience to so many more people on Arawn, And to celebrate this great achievement, OTM presented us a void bow after the kill. We are now one step closer to making Arawn the best world and Resurgence the best clan on all worlds. Viva Resurgence!

Re: New record for necro kill

Ike360 wrote:what why does Lara keep saying rb

Rb stands for run back. Telling people when to run away from necros lifesteal aoe skill.
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