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Golden shrink charm offer, may not sell but I will sell for a good offer
80% mount, have a buyer for 350k or swap for stuff

dbl attack rings
ancient battle axe
flint battle axe or ow lvl 60 discontinued axe or one handed hammers
Master's grim
Hallowed 60% wings

Mail DarkBandit or Sphynx or Illuminaughty, I'm on either at different times, usually on Sphynx atm
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Re: Selling

Ferocious wrote:Selling annihilation ammy 330k and brace of spirits idk price of this so just tell me your offer

buying backpack expansions rupture double attack and rings for those two skills also buying an ancient blunt weapon or axe weapon

I just sold my wyrmbone club to vendor for 80k... :lol: in game name? I got bp expansions

Re: Selling

oh no haha I'm only level like 6 in the game, I transferred over and i got those high level items in the transfer, I'm looking for an ancient weapon from the stonevale shop, ign is ImaginAZN or Illuminaughty
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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