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Hola! just made a forum account!

hello a few of may know me already, but ill introduce my self,

i am destroy i have started playing celtic heroes near the beginning of january or maybe before i personally dont remember. i have alot of mmorpg expierence as ive played for MANY MANY years and played many popular games as runescape, flyff, warcraft, pocket legends, star legends, and now this
Ive been watching and reading the forums for weeks but was always too lazy to register.
well ima warrior 81 atm trying to level as fast as i can
so, if you ever see me in the game just say hi
well yup, if you have any advice for this forum please tell me
World: Arwan
83 Tank Warrior- Destroy
88+ DPS Rogue- iDps

Re: Hola! just made a forum account!

RazorKnight wrote:Raven y ur avatar a dude? or is that a family member or yours? or a random pic?
and welcome to the forums!
-Sire Blade

Lol raven is a dude that why lol(: ahaha
Server: Arawn
Been playing since October, 2011
Silvos- lvl 129 Ranger
Sirus- lvl 88 Rogue
Otm sucks... Its pay to win type of game... Money goddesses!!

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