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Re: Price Guide

Well there are other things in the world other than frags:
Tickets to race 100g
Tickets to a sport 200g
Tickets to pvp 1k

Level 1-10 slaves 15g
Level 11-20 slaves 50 gold
Level 21-30 slaves 500 gold
Level 31-40 slaves 2k
Level 41-45 slaves 4k
Level 46-50 slaves 6.5k
Level 51-55 slaves 8k
Level 56-60 slaves 10k
Level 61-70 slaves 20k
Level 71-81 slaves 30k
Level 82-85 slaves 40.5k
Level 86-90 slaves 60k
Level 91-100 slaves 100k
Level 101+ slaves 200k
Tip: to get slaves steal them by fighting a war against another clan and enslave them when they lose

Home in Lirs reach: Rent 1k, buying 2k ( to buy off Lirs reach would cost 100k)
Home in farcrag: rent 1k, buying 2k (buying the whole of farcrag costs 50k)
Home in crookback: rent 500g, buying 1k ( to buy the whole of crookback costs 25k)
Home in catacombs: rent 2k, buying 3k ( to buy off the catacombs costs 90k)
Home in shale mount: rent 5k, buying 10 k (to buy the whole ravine costs 200k)
Home in STONEVALE: rent 10k, buying 20k(to buy all of STONEVALE costs 500k)
Tip: buy off your property from smelly in Lirs and farcag, buy a place in crookback from nightingale, buy in the catacombs from IV, in the ravine buy from any top ranger and in STONEVALE buy from Frank. And if you want to find property find me and I will show YE around.

Re: Price Guide

You could have killed like 10 boars in the time it took to write that post tathan... Might have even made lvl 51!
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Re: Price Guide

Savaged1982 wrote:You could have killed like 10 boars in the time it took to write that post tathan... Might have even made lvl 51!

The boars have revolted. All the declarations of war on them....they and all other animals and creatures in game have boycotted giving him experience. He is stuck on that level forever.

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Re: Price Guide

MikeShot2 wrote:Are you serious? I'm gonna have to switch servers to Arawn since the frags are so cheap! On my world it more expensive cause most people hoard the frags (lol mostly Gaby cause she has over 2 mil gold and she still sells them instead of giving them away to players who need them). Here's the price on Gwydion:

Moon 5k
Sun 10k
Oak 15k
Elm 20k
Crown 40k
Dragon 100k

Mike, please don't make assumptions.
I usually only trade frags/rems/tabs for items i like, I only ever sell frags on the rare occasion that a person really will only settle with paying for it, in which case I see for far under the prices you put above. (although those are standard prices for most of them on gwy)
Another thing about hoarding, I don't hoard frags lol, I also only give frag to people in my clans, and at that, I've given more than you could imagine.

On topic: Haha I noticed the prices for frags are much lower than on gwy, but the platinum items like elixirs seem to be underpriced i think? I don't use plat items or sell plat items often so i'm not sure.

Re: Price Guide

The rebellion has been crushed. I sent the boars a ransom note saying to quit the protest and I would set their leader, Guzzletusk, free! They quit only to find that guzzletusk was alive and well and hadn't been kidnapped at all! HA HA HA! :lol:

Re: Price Guide

I think all these frags r over priced. I mean 80k for a dragon? Ppl r crazy to get frags nowadays. Lol every1 buys them! When I was lvl 50-70 no one would ever sell a frag. You had to earn them. Now to many ppl play. And every1 buys without true experience of fighting bosses.
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Otm sucks... Its pay to win type of game... Money goddesses!!

Re: Price Guide

You lot are so lucky because dragon disc fragments are so cheap in your worlds. In mabon, people pay well over 100k some even 150k or even more! Its crazy!
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Re: Price Guide

What about Remnants and Tablets Now?? I know most people won't sell because they want to be the first of their class to have meteoric, but I've got some rems and tabs that aren't even for my mage. I've got a air tablet of basalt if anyone is interested
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