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Re: Impersonator

I saw that noob in castle shouting and spamming i told the REAL brad and i forgot what he said:3
And after a few days bradley logged in and said that he got banned by mistake for 3 days
And they banned the FAKED UP brad
That nub was so stupid
"Kick me im a bada spy"

Re: Impersonator

Bitey wrote:There are also impersonators of Asceliral and Girlsmama too. I had a long chat with the person spamming, and have many screenshots. I won't name names because the forum rules prevent that. But I call upon the clan leaders of this person's clan to tell the person to stop it. This person's goals are purely to harass people and get people to quit playing Celtic Heroes, and I have the screenshots to prove this.

You do realize that asceliral is a complete ass...hard to feel sorry for a person who competing for douchiest in Arawn.

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