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Juppongatana is now gone :(

Due to some major clan drama and the possibility of merging with another awesome clan with great people, Juppongatana has been disbanded. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything until now but I wanted to give you all an explanation. Xellaya was gracious enough to offer me the Chief again so I would be the first and last chief of this awesome clan.

I think some of the failure may have been due to expanded recruitment. The other is an issue that I will not discuss on this forum. Honestly I think that Juppo was one of the best things that ever happened to me in this game. I never really considered myself a leader but some say that those types of people are the best leaders. I don’t know if that’s true but I was amazed at the support that you guys gave me!

I do feel partially responsible for the downfall for Juppo. However as they say hindsight is 20/20 and I am now looking to the future. Serenity is the new clan and some are calling it Juppo2! I must say that Serenity is what I had envisioned Juppo to be so in that respect I couldn’t be happier.

Serenity is a tight knit group of mature folks who are all team players and who work well together. It has a family feel and the most important thing is that we help and motivate each other. Everyone in this group is a star! For those out there interested it is a closed clan. We are not recruiting. That’s not to say that we will never ask people to join but we are not out there actively looking for new members. If we do run into quality player who will fit in with our group we will consider them. But we will have to come to an agreement and it won’t be a quick decision. Also FYI: Asking to be in Serenity is not a good way to get into Serenity!

Many people have asked me why I decided to disband Juppo and not leave it up. Well there are a few reasons and I honestly did consider leaving Juppo up. First I don’t have the time to run a clan. Second there was no-one that was available to run Juppo. Third and probably the most important is that when all the core members left the Juppo, Juppo was in effect not Juppo. It would never be the same so I decided that it was best to kill it. The memory would last in the old Juppongatana clan members.

For those who found themselves clan-less, I truly apologize. I know this is a strange feeling. I want to suggest a clan that is an awesome one. They accept cool people. The name of this clan is Uskoci and it is a smaller clan. Sparta is also a nice larger Clan if you like that sort of a feel.
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Re: Juppongatana is now gone :(

Hay rave and I know what u mean that was the resign I left jupp it was geting to big and I hope u the best in yore new clan I will miss jupp:( and I 'am i n bolth clans u mentend and I rilly like bolth ..
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Re: Juppongatana is now gone :(

SpartaHercule wrote:Hey,Raven!This is my new account and you are the chief of Juppogatana?Wow you are awesome!Serinity is a great clan so enjoy!

Hey thanks Luce :). It has been a long interesting Celtic Heroes journey! I hope to see you often in Arawn!
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