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Re: The Ten Swords -- Juppongatana (十本刀)

Drizzt wrote:There now a lot of excess woven tanned and hammered stuff floating about can inask those who have upgraded to ancient stuff to hand there equioment down to more junior members as I'm sure they will greatly appreicate it

Since the update hit I've been thinking about the history of Celtic Heros and me lately. It seems as if some people are out there leveling up as much as possible. It made me a little sad because I remember the days when I would spend a lot of time in the catacombs killing the high level mobs and finally reaching level 60! The first on Arawn. What an accomplishment for me. Now I don't think I'll ever be at the top again. In fact I want to enjoy the update and the content out there. I want to do all the quests and explore before I get into looking at grinding and leveling. I'm afraid that some people will blow right through the content level up, get bored and quit. I want to be ready for the next update. Not sitting around hunting the highest level mobs saying "I'm bored! When's the next update."

Oh I met Z (death) from the forums on Danu. (yeah Danu was not full and I wanted to at least get on some world) It Seems like we share the same philosophy about these things and the game itself. He was actually in the catacombs working his totem skill. I was impressed by his dedication and ideas about the game. Also I discovered that he is from Texas like me and lives a few hours away. Seems like we have a lot in common.

Anyway I think there will be plenty of time for leveling. There is no race! Also I know that as time goes we will learn how to be awesome with the new content and items.

Hope to get on Arawn some day.

and Oh yeah I got some tanned Highroad for sale..........Just kidding.....for the bank. Sorry to highjack the thread
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Re: The Ten Swords -- Juppongatana (十本刀)

So, Raven made me acting chief a while ago due to a busy real life. She has been on more now and I was thinking of clearing the ranks. I had a feeling that some of you might appreciate that. So the ranks are:

Queen Raven (1. In command)
Princess Xellaya (2. In command)
General Drizzt (3. In command)

I will give Ana access to the bank later on today. So Raven, me and Ana will do the bank.

Xell :)
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