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*Invite to a new project*

Hello, I am starting a new project to create a database for the price of all items on all server (if possible). I am in need of people to help build this. If you would be interested please message me and tell me: your server, your skills and why you would be good to do this.

Anyone who helps will be recognized in the copyright that I will put on it if it gets full complete.

Thanks and excited to get started.
Please, if interested or needing a valuation on any item, just pm me or join band and search for me. We also post on the most up to date forum posts.

Re: *Invite to a new project*

It doesn't make sense to create a database. Servers run on supply and demand. In the end it's always the seller that sets the price with many merchants ignoring basic prices. Making a database will undermine their power of controlling the price. Not worth spending your time on this.
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