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RIP - BigDiesel

Before I start. Please keep this post PG, Hate free, and entirely friendly. Admins on the forum. I strongly encourage you to delete comments that have nothing to do with anything but compassion and love.

I just wanted to say to the entirety of the CH community we have lost a great and loving person recently. Someone who helped shape Arawn into the community it is now today. Which is a strong, vibrant, and welcoming place of all worlds to join.

BigDiesel is no longer apart of the online or real world. Diesel and I had a great friendship both inside the CH community and outside in the real world. Even though I didn’t agree with everything he had to say. We had a mutual understanding of agreeing to disagree. This giant teddy bear of a man has now passed on and it pains me to make such a post. At such a young age he is leaving behind a young son, and plenty of family/friends whom miss him dearly.

I believe the entirety of CH should be aware. He is missed and loved by the entirety of Arawn and I am sure the entire CH community. We should all put aside our differences and mourn someone who has had such an impact on many of our lives. I personally will always have a spot for him in my heart. We both expressed and shared some exceptional confidential information in our more vulnerable of times. Some of the lessons still engrained in my mind today. As well as I am sure his.

After nearly 7 years of friendship, I love and care for you dearly. I can’t thank you enough for the confidence you gave me, and love you showed for me.

RIP - BigD (Vito)

All my love, and the love of the CH community for you; your family, and especially your Son.
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Re: RIP - BigDiesel

BigD was such a pure soul. He was a charismatic person who rallied an endgame clan to work together. He was a force so strong that it magnified the confidence of those around him. When he is around, you know you're going to be just fine. Bigd was more than just a friend; he was family. Family to him is the greatest thing, and the clan was his family. He will have your back 100% of the way because that is just who he is. He concerns himself with what you have going on in real life and will give counsel, support, love, motivation, encouragement wherever needed.

His passing has left a great hole in our community, especially in Arawn, a server he led, molded, and nurtured. He was a wise man and a formidable leader, but that doesn't mean he was perfect. He has made some mistakes along the way, stumbled here and there, lost his purpose, but he always strives to improve and make amends with himself and other people. He was willing to work harder than anyone else to fix anything that is broken. He worked so hard to gear everyone else besides himself because being the chief means making everyone else great.

Our friendship blossomed into a goofy friendship outside of the game. He would ask me if I was up for a talk when it was 3 am my time, lol. He never quite got used to the time difference until very recently, lol. He was honest with me, no sugarcoating, just pure honesty...He wasn't just my chieftain, but he was my big brother. He has left me with many memories; he was there for me in times of great sorrows and protected me from a lot of hurt. He never once left me, even when sometimes I deserved to be left behind. He always told me that he never walks away from family, and for that, I forever will cherish.

Your light still shines so brightly, even now, when you are no longer a part of this world. You have touched many hearts, and that is the legacy you leave behind. I mourn with the family and friends you have left behind, to find peace and acceptance. And my dear noodle, I have no doubt I will see you again. Rest well, Bigd.

I hope everyone is getting by in this unfortunate year. The year 2020 has tested us to great lengths, and I hope we all persevere through it and hope for a better 2021.
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Re: RIP - BigDiesel

All I ask is for no one to ask any horrid questions about how he passed. Show some respect for my brother. Anyone else, do not quote someone either for posting something of this or of similar behavior. You’re giving it attention and it remains on here. If you see something that’s not obeying these rules, report it. Have it removed and move on. Now with that being said, I do appreciate the stories posted on here. Let’s keep this forum to just that, good stories.

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Re: RIP - BigDiesel

Im so very, very, very sad to learn about this.

Such a big hearted guy, allways open to understanding others even if not agreing.

A big man takes care of himself and his family,
a great man extends his family.

Mr BigD was a great man.

Will be missing you friend

Re: RIP - BigDiesel

For a majority of the time that I knew BigD, we were in separate clans and consequently were competing at many bosses from dl to endgame for years and years, but we always had a civil relationship and utmost respect for each other and what we were trying to do in our separate clans, we often would pm simple quick pleasantries while waiting for bosses to spawn. And I think back to those moments now.

When I joined Dawn I was able to see a side of him that I had never imagined, or knew about. A sweet, caring, loving man, who was always willing to hear ab what you had to say or listen to how your day went, in the few months we worked together this summer I grew a new and profound respect and admiration for him, his wisdom was always welcome and he never failed to hit the nail on the head.

A fair and good man, protective of those he cared for, I personally will miss him dearly and know so many others feel the same.
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