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looking for help or advice

Hello i m a very stuck level 110 warrior on Arawn. I have been inactive for the past 6 months and have just started playing again but am very stuck. I find i dont do enough damage to level effectively , and am finding it way to hard to get good lux. If anyone has any tips or advice for me feel free to pm me or talk to me on the game: Name: Sir Kendrick. Thankyou
Sir Kendrick - Level 110 Warrior- Arawn - Clan Maelstrom
Karilios - Level 60 Mage - Arawn - Clan Maelstrom

Feel Free To PM me or talk to me on the game:)

Re: looking for help or advice

Hi. I don’t play a warrior. I just didn’t want you to feel like you were being ignored. If you see any Warrior from Colours on or any member of Colours for that matter just holler at us we will try and help where and when we can. You might want to have a peek at the warrior section of these forums and see if your more pressing concerns have already been addressed.

As for luxury items check the auction house regularly for people selling luxury items as they out lvl it.

All the best to you on your CH journey
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