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Selling rare fellspine (lvl100 req)

Selling my fellspine... Super rare and super op... Looking for as close to 1.75m as I can get price is negotiable or am open to some trades contact me in game or on here
I.g.n HawkhurstShot
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Re: Selling rare fellspine (lvl100 req)

Smellyunder wrote:Good luck selling at 1.75m. It is only 80 speed. Fellspine not that popular too.

Old mounts can be worth more then new ones, regardless of the speed. Perfect example is a broom of doom, only 50%, goes for millions. These old mounts, like fellspines are worth gold more on the rareness of it then the stats. I do own a fellspine though, its very fun to mess around with the ghost form skill, its a 100% camo for 15 seconds(100% camo is like invisibilty but it doesnt go away when you attack)
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