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Re: Trans vs Kudos

Troll it's been so long sense you've been in nitro for you to possibly know what's going on, we're actualy doing just fine on boss drops and the drops are turned in to a general at the end of a fight so there can be no drop selling. Don't let your ignorance get the best of you my friend. And Adele1...

Re: Trans vs Kudos

Yes because I automatically have no idea what Im talking about. I have been playing CH for about three years only getting serious about it the past two, so dont go saying stuff like idk hat I am talking about. I have been watching the forums and I know a lot of what is going on... So you know what ...

Re: Trans vs Kudos

You try to compare us but you miss the fact that our banks are full of drops to support our kin, your petty clan doesn't even come close wasn't going to comment until you said this. Most nitros are below lvl 100 and never know other clans so they stay thinking its their best choice, and a lot of yo...

Re: Trans vs Kudos

What the heck are you talking about lmao nitro is always doing ow and stonevale bosses. Some of us camp them, I personally know this beause im in it though I havent been on in a while. And I dont understand why everytime you post its always about a clan vs another clan. Not everything needs to be a...

Re: PvP Warrior vs Rogue

Godly wrote:a warrior with the same things can probably own a rogue around the same level or a warrior haste gloves,boots,hero ammy 4 +5 rupture rings and godly braces and one of those halloween 2011 or 12 charms with like 30 armor and a good build could win a level 20+ rogue

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