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Re: Global Auction House

Here's my 2 cents: I'd love a global AH. It would stabilize prices for this server that's somehow still alive (Balor), would help us kill BT (we still haven't killed it once yet). A server teir system could be used though. For each server that has defeated up to X in game boss, they can sell items t...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

Here is my 2 cents: If you show up to a boss like gele with a 160 shop bow, and a bow drops from gele, yeah, they probably shouldn't be able to roll. But i mean like if someone cant find the misc they want, and they have like a 90 recast misc because theyre either farming gold for a better one, or c...

Re: Pre-Release Discussion

So looking at the list of new features, what concerns are going on in all of your heads? My biggest concern is the global castle. That could get extremely laggy. Would the auction house and bank be in separate locations now? So far my only concern. Been Wondering the same thing. Honestly want to kn...

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