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Do you hate your class?

otm made rogues far and away the best dps of all classes. My main class is rogue and i completely disagree with this. On competition servers clans are using full groups of rogues to camp dragonlord bosses to keep from rival clans. Now thats ok and all but it sucks being relied on so much. I mean us ...

Re: Drop selling is okay now?

Let me make something clear, Corleone you claim you got stripped by elite, right ? Cuz you trusted them and give them your personal info to check your account , right ? So what if i say i dont trust you and boot you outta clan, would you give me your account info ?? It Doesnt make sense , especiall...

Re: Drop selling is okay now?

plain and simple if u sell a drop that our clan worked hard together to recieve u get kicked. this has been a rule in elite since before otherworld update. cor u were in clan at the time maybe u should pay attention ecause this was said time and time again in clan before it was done, but yes gens di...

Re: Annual Mabon Checkup ;) ~Gingy

elite 100+ wolfgang 0
elite 100+ wolfgang 3
garanak 6
elite 20 wolfgang 1

and trust me weve killed more than 100 mords and hrungs i just cant count the bosses ive killed on one hand like woofs unfortunately so i cant give you an exact number.

Re: Annual Mabon Checkup ;) ~Gingy

LOL wolfgang isnt an endgame clan sorry.. youve onlymade 2 dl weapons im how many months? to our what? 30-40 not including alts? you guys plat zerge hrung if ur lucky enough to get the lock and even with our help in the beginning you guys still cant kill it before it enrages. endgame clans r atleast...

Re: Drop selling is okay now?

nice try cor and mecki.. they have both tried showing this to a lot of our players, and its pretty obvious that the lowercase L in that name is an uppercase i, I know this because when mecki tried showing me them, all he talked about was that the o's were real o's and not zeros.. so when i tried mak...


Anyone know how long it takes or when the online rankings update? Was working on skill hit, and i hit for 16k and some change, which currently is the largest skill hit unless the rankings are broken and not being updated for anyone.

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