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Re: really fun in arawn now

Tbh I think a bit of competition is amazing. I remeber when I used to play arawn USKOCI vs Badabing it was amazing. Best time ever! The best part about it was how the clans would still collaborate to kill aggy etc in v3
Good memories:)

I don't understand

Now the war is over and we do not need to constantly demoralise other clans, why don't we set up some auction house because let's be honest it's a disaster. No lixs no plat and it makes sulis look like a joke. We need to make our lives easier and have some auction house

Re: Warlord666

I remember him from my old Arawn times.my name was picklemonstr3 (dont remind me what happened). I think after the merge between Badabing and uskoci a lot of people left the world. Those good old days were great because there was competition but they still teamed up. Shame about warlord

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