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Re: Pattern of chest sales

AoifaS wrote:It appears that there is some pattern to event chest sales from OTM. Is there always a sale at the beginning and end of each event? I am asking because, should, I bide my time expecting a discount/bonus on chests or plat or what have you?

No their is not normally any sales

Re: New here

Plat item prices: Chests: 20-25k(usually 20k is only in clan) Idols: 100 each Resto Pots: 200 each Heroic lix of Energy, Health, Attack, Defence, Armour, Wisdom, Are all 500 each Heroic travels are 1k each Heroic haste is 3k each Super knowledge lix are 4k(3k in clan) Super combos 8k with the occas...

Re: Which super power and why?

The power to control the four elements fire, water, earth and air you could do anything u want you could fly flood a city in water or fire make earthquakes happen shoot jets of fire and water at enemy's and win can make me conbust that would be a sweet power and you could make your skin hard as rock

Favorite tv shows?

What are your favorite TV shows? My personal favorites are White Collar, it is about a con man and it has an amazing storyline and is super funny you also learn quite a bit and then there are Suits which is about two men who are lawyers but there are a bunch of plot twist and things you wouldn't exp...

New here

Hey I am transferring to Arawn from Danu when the event drops I already have around a level 45 ish and I'm just wondering what's the prices of most items when an event drops and what the normal prices are for most stuff in this world like idols, restos, horses, staffs, chests and like anything you k...

Re: Celtic heroes youtube channel

I created a youtube channel around a year and a half ago I do not do it anymore but I got upwards of a thousand subscribers and all I did was really post videos actively, make sure the commentary is good and may be play a bit of music in backround and like said above have thumbnail and a catchy name...

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